Kawai Digital Pianos

An incredible range of Kawai digital pianos, available to play in our showroom

Why choose a Kawai Digital Piano?

The Kawai company was established in 1927 by Koichi Kawai, a piano building apprentice who learned the trade under Torakusu Yamaha. The company is best known for its innovative use of materials which helped it to overcome some of the issues associated with building pianos from wood. The use of composite materials to create piano actions offers a stable and consistent sound. In addition to our vast range of Kawai digital pianos, we also stock a selection of Kawai upright pianos and Kawai grand pianos. Under the Kawai umbrella, you will find an instrument suitable for all ages and playing abilities. Learners and professionals alike rely on Kawai digital pianos to accompany their musical journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kawai make digital pianos?

Kawai makes a lot of digital pianos. The award-winning digital pianos are the product of a never-ending quest to develop the most genuine and creative digital pianos in the industry. Kawai develops digital pianos that provide the best mix of touch and tone commercially available, based on over 90 years of expertise producing grand acoustic pianos.

Is Kawai digital piano good to buy?

Kawai Digital pianos are an excellent choice if you want flexibility, dependability, and superior sound quality. Each piano blends cutting-edge technology with exceptional craftsmanship with hardwood. The pianos also make use of harmonic imaging sound as well as USB digital audio. Furthermore, a distinctive Kawai Soundboard Speaker System is also included.

The keys on the Kawai digital are very responsive. The sounds that it provides are rich and very impressive. Whether you choose to get an entry-level digital piano or a high-end piano, be sure that you are making a worthwhile investment.

How long do Kawai digital pianos last?

According to research, the average age of a Kawai piano is between 20 and 30 years old. This stage of a piano's existence is a moment of change for the instrument. Piano specialists are aware that a piano's condition may deteriorate with time, necessitating substantial reconditioning.

Where are Kawai digital pianos made?

Kawai's digital piano factory, situated in Indonesia's Karawan area, manufactures all of the company's digital pianos. The CA Series, CS Series, CN Series, ES Series, MP Series, CE Series, and KDP Series digital pianos, as well as the VPC1 Virtual Piano Controller, are all included.

Are Kawai digital piano good for beginners?

The ES110 is Kawai's entry into the beginning digital piano market. There are 19 tones in all, including eight acoustic piano sounds which makes it great for beginners. The Kawai 9' EX Concert Grand piano was used to sample all of the sounds. Furthermore, the Kawai Harmonic Imaging technique improves the realism of the recordings across the dynamic spectrum.