Piano Accessories

We can help you choose the right accessories for your perfect piano

We can help you choose the right accessories for your perfect piano setup

The right piano accessories can enhance your playing experience, making it possible to enjoy every moment of your practice. We stock a range of headphones and piano stools to enable you to make the most of your piano.

Our Yamaha and Kawai brand headphones produce studio-quality sound that will transform any space into a private concert hall. By using the right headphones with your digital piano, you can practice 24 hours a day without disturbing those around you.

We also stock a range of high-quality piano stools at competitive prices. To see our full selection of piano accessories, including headphones and piano stools, visit our Drayton showroom.

Complete your collection with keyboard accessories/ piano accessories

Complete your acoustic piano or digital piano setup with the ideal accessories. Ask any professional pianist and they will tell you that the accessories make the piano playing experience fun and more effective. Every instrument can be enhanced with the introduction of many piano accessories, including keyboard stands, a piano lamp, piano pedals, metronome, headphones and a high quality piano seat.

A sleek and stylish piano bench will ensure that you are sitting properly and able to stay comfortable for long periods of time. Music stands will not only keep your music organised, but will also offer essential support for beginners and students. A sturdy stand will help to maintain your posture while playing by keeping the music in your line of sight.

For those looking for the opportunity to practice in silence without bothering those around you, it's time to invest in a party of quality headphones. Beginners can play with confidence when they know they are the only ones listening, while more advanced players will benefit from being able to practice around the clock without bothering anyone. Pair your digital piano with a study pair of headphones to enjoy that grand piano sound reminiscent of a grand concert hall.

Maintain your rhythm with a metronome that always helps you to keep time. This essential accessory is a small price to pay for perfect rhythm. Shop our complete range of accessories for pianos and other instruments to upgrade your playing experience.

Find the perfect music stand for your sheet music

Looking for the perfect music stand for your digital piano or acoustic piano? Our collection includes music stands for every size and shape of piano. Whether you are a beginner looking to improve your performance, or a professional player looking for a stand that will enable you to focus, we have the piano accessories for every musician looking to upgrade their instruments.

Looking for keyboard accessories that you can't see listed here? Head to our showroom to see our complete collection of keyboard accessories perfect for ambitious pianists.