All about us at Broughton Pianos

Broughton Pianos Limited

Broughton Pianos is a family business with over 35 years’ experience in the piano industry. Starting as a modest business buying and selling used pianos we are now one of the largest showrooms in the UK.

We deal on a national and international scale to ensure we can get the highest quality piano to you for the best possible price. We understand that pianos are often a considerable investment and finance can be hard to come by. It is for this reason we stock a range of second hand and new pianos as well as offering finance schemes to ensure that there is a piano for every possible budget.

Our extensive new state of the art showroom at Weybridge Mill, coupled with our warehouse and workshops have allowed us to expand our operation over recent years to include reconditioning used instruments. This means that thanks to our team of Master Technicians and French Polishers, we have comprehensive quality control over everything we sell.


Our Premises

Our retail premises are housed in the delightful quaint village of Belbroughton, Worcestershire, 15 miles south of Birmingham.

Our expansive state of the art new showroom houses a permanent display of at least 100 pianos and is the largest in the Midlands area. This is backed up by a large stock of 500 pianos in our warehouse facility. We can now say after 35 years of being in business that we hold more acoustic piano stock than another acoustic piano retailer in the UK.

As our showroom isn’t in a high street location, it allows you to come and try all the pianos without having a vast array of pianist playing the piano at the same time. Our quiet, countryside showroom is peaceful and tranquil and will afford you a relaxing, enjoyable experience.

We also offer free parking and as much tea and coffee as you like!