Terms and Conditions

Delivery /Shipping

FREE Acoustic Piano delivery & installation (Upright and Grand pianos)

All acoustic pianos installed on a ground floor location (no steps) are delivered and installed free of charge within the UK, excluding Northern Ireland.

Digital piano delivery - Flatpack to doorstep, weekdays only between 8am-6pm

Option 1) FREE delivery up to 50 miles
Option 2) £49 for delivery 50+ miles from the showroom.
Option 3) £95.00 Premium set-up delivery service (only available within 120 mile radius) including timed delivery, piano assembly in a room of your choice and all packaging disposed.

Digital piano home assembly

If you have purchased an instrument from our digital piano range and not selected the ‘Premium Delivery Service’ then the instrument will be arriving in a flatpack box and will require self-assembly.

The assembly of most digital pianos will take you around a minimum of 1 hour. We strongly recommend that you have two people present during the assembly. Instructions of assembly will be located inside flatpack box

Option 1) FREE stool delivery
Option 2) FREE headphone delivery

If you have any questions regarding our delivery service, or would like to upgrade to a different delivery service then please call us on 01562 731113 or email [email protected]

Additional charges sometimes apply:

  • If you have outside steps to the property
  • Require upstairs delivery
  • Have anything else that could make it difficult to access the property.

Please contact us if this is the case and a quotation can then be provided if necessary. We usually require images and measurements to be emailed to [email protected]. In some local cases we may request to come and view the access to make sure the piano will fit round tight corners in a staircase.

Please let us know if you are a resident in the Republic of Ireland as we also make regular trips and we would be happy to supply a quotation.

Our rights

  • We reserve the right to charge for delays or cancelled delivery.
  • Broughton Pianos Ltd shall not be liable for any personal injury, loss or damage by the customer or any other person or third party by the operation, handling or transportation of the instrument.


If you want to return an item in the unlikely event of an item being faulty, we will firstly assess the situation and reach an agreement to suit all.

Broughton Pianos does not accept any returns for non-faulty goods after the statutory period and we will use the discretion of our professional piano technicians to determine if an instrument is faulty.

If you have second thoughts about your piano purchase (for example-the piano does not suit the acoustics of a room) please rest assured we will do our best to find an alternative instrument.

Online orders

  • Online orders are always subject to availability. We will contact you if the item is unavailable at which point you can wait for stock to arrive or cancel you order. We will aways try to provide alternative items where possible.
  • We will not accept responsibility for the delivery of an incorrect item if an incorrect order has been made by the customer.
  • We will not accept responsibility for delayed deliveries due to delayed or incomplete payments and incorrect payment details.
  • We have the right to refuse an order if the correct payment terms have not been met.

Our Website

  • All content on our website including descriptions and specifications have been written as accurately as possible to ensure you have the best knowledge of the product before purchase. Please be aware the sizing and weight is approximate.
  • Re-distribution, modification and reposting of our website content is strictly prohibited.

Piano Rental

  • When you rent a piano the Instrument always remains the property of Broughton Pianos Ltd and the customer shall not sell, assign, let or sub-let the instrument.
  • All payments for pianos rentals must be made on time as a one-off fee that lasts for the hire term and then pay the remaining balance 6 months later.
  • If you decide to change from one rental piano to another within the 6-month rental period we charge an £85 changeover fee.
  • Piano rentals will be delivered and collected within the agreed time-frame unless an appropriate exception arises.
  • Permission must be obtained from Broughton Pianos before moving a rental piano from one address to another.
  • The customer will be responsible for the cost of moving a rental piano from one address to another if they choose to use the carrier service provider designated by Broughton Pianos.
  • No additional charges will be made if you decided the piano is not for you at the end of the hiring period.

Conditions and Maintenance of Rental Pianos

  • All rental pianos must be maintained, kept in good working order and returned in the best possible condition as they were when delivered.
  • The customer is responsible for the cost and arrangements of having the rental piano tuned every six months by Broughton piano's tuning services.
  • The customer is responsible for the security of the instrument and shall immediately notify Broughton Pianos Ltd in writing of any loss, theft, or damage.
  • Repair of the Instrument, if required, shall be arranged by Broughton Pianos Ltd and the customer shall not carry out any restoration, conservation, treatment, repair, or other work to the Instrument unless directed to do so by Broughton Pianos in which case any damaged or broken parts must be replaced by parts of equally good quality.

Renewal of piano rental contract

  • The customer may serve a written notice prior to the expiry date of the contract to extend the rental period.
  • Broughton Pianos Ltd may adjust any details and/or terms of this Piano Rental Contract before the commencement of extension.

Termination of piano rental contract

  • Broughton Pianos Ltd may terminate a piano rental contract with immediate effect without liability to the customer if the customer commits a breach of any of these terms and conditions.
  • This Piano Rental Contract shall be automatically terminated if the customer...
    a)... is unable pay its debts
    b)...enters compulsory or voluntary liquidation (if the customer is a company)
    c)...has any bankruptcy petition presented or bankruptcy order made against him/her (if the customer is an individual)
    d)...has a receiver or manager or an administrator appointed of the customer’s assets or shall take any steps preparatory to any action which would amount to a breach of contract.

Price Matching

  • Finance cannot be guaranteed on price-matched products
  • You must be able to substantiate the quotation
  • We do not match verbal quotes
  • The product must be kept in stock by the competitor
  • We reserve the right not to price match if we currently have insufficient stock on certain instruments.