Terms and Conditions

Delivery /Shipping

All items stated on our website include free ground floor delivery to mainland UK unless they are from our accessories page (piano stools & headphones). Please let us know if you are a resident in the Republic of Ireland as we also make regular trips and we would be happy to supply a quotation. Please contact us if you have steps outside the property, stairs, or difficult access, a quotation can then be provided. We reserve the right to charge for delays or cancelled delivery.

Returns /Exchanges

Here at Broughton Pianos every instrument is checked by our fully qualified piano technicians before leaving for delivery; this ensures all of customers are 100% satisfied. In the unlikely event of an item being faulty or not suiting the acoustics of room its being kept in, we will assess the situation in a neutral manner and reach an agreement to suit all. Broughton Pianos does not accept any returns for non-faulty goods after the statutory period and we will use the discretion of our professional piano technicians to determine if an instrument is faulty. If a change of mind occurs after purchase rest assured we will do our best to find an alternative instrument.

Piano Rental

1. The Instrument always remains the property of Broughton Pianos Ltd and the Customer shall not sell, assign, let, sub-let the instrument.
2. The Customer confirms the information provided in (A) Information of Customer is true and accurate and shall inform Broughton Pianos Ltd of any change.
3. The Customer agrees to the rental arrangement set out in (B) and shall make all the payments accordingly. 4. Broughton Pianos Ltd will arrange the carrier service for (a) the delivery of the Instrument to the Customer at the Home Address/Location of Instrument on the commencement date of the Rental Period and (b) returning the Instrument to Broughton Pianos Ltd on the
expiry date of the Rental Period.
5. The Customer shall (a) obtain Broughton Pianos Ltd prior written consent if the Customer moves the Instrument from the Home Address/Location of Instrument to another location; and (b) use the carrier service provider designated by Broughton Pianos Ltd and be responsible for all the costs thereof.

Conditions and Maintenance of Instrument

6. The Customer shall maintain the Instrument in good working order.
7. The Customer shall (a) arrange for tuning of the Instrument every six (6) months and (b) use the tuning service provider designated by Broughton Pianos Ltd and be responsible for all the costs thereof.
8. The Customer shall use its best endeavours to keep the Instrument in the same state of condition as at the commencement date of the Rental Period, returning The Instrument in the same condition as received by the Customer.

9. Repair of the Instrument, if required, shall be arranged by Broughton Pianos Ltd. Damage or broken parts must be replaced by parts of equally good quality. The Customer shall not carry out any restoration, conservation, treatment, repair, or other work to the Instrument unless directed to do so by the prior written instruction from Broughton Pianos Ltd.
10. The Customer is responsible for all security for the Instrument and shall immediately notify Broughton Pianos Ltd in writing of any loss, theft, or damage.

Renewal and Termination of Piano Rental Contract

12. The Customer may serve a written notice prior to the expiry date of the contract to extend the rental period.
13. Broughton Pianos Ltd may adjust any details and/or terms of this Piano Rental Contract before the commencement of extension.
14. Broughton Pianos Ltd may terminate this Piano Rental Contract with immediate effect without liability to the Customer if the Customer commits a breach of any of these Terms and Conditions. 15. This Piano Rental Contract shall be terminated automatically forthwith in the event that the Customer (a) is unable to pay its debts, (b) enters compulsory or voluntary liquidation (if the Customer is a company), (c) has any bankruptcy petition presented or bankruptcy order made against him/her (if the Customer is an individual), (d) has a receiver or manager or an administrator appointed of the Customer’s assets or (e) shall take any steps preparatory to any action which would amount to a breach of contract.

Customer’s Obligations

Broughton Pianos Ltd shall not be liable for any personal injury, loss or damage sustained by the Customer or any other person or third party by the operation, handling or transportation of the Instrument.

Rent with the option to purchase

Here at Broughton Pianos we are delighted to be able to offer customers the chance to rent a new or used instrument for 6 months with the option to purchase. You pay a one-off fee that lasts for the hire term and you are then left with the remaining balance to pay 6 months later. Customers find this method extremely appealing for many different reasons, for example:

  • It gives you time when the piano arrives home to connect with the instrument, as every acoustic piano can sound different when it’s played in a domestic environment compared to our showrooms
  • You are able to change the instrument for another model within 6 months which could mean you could upgrade and go for something a little more expensive or down grade to something that’s a little more affordable
  • It spreads the cost at no additional fee

If you decide to change the instrument within 6 months, we charge £85. This charge is classed as a changeover fee for moving the existing model out of your home and the new one in.

If you discover that playing the piano isn’t for you, we simply arrange a collection date with you after your hire duration and take the piano away. No additional charges will be made.

Upstairs delivery

In the event that your new piano needs to be delivered upstairs we would require pictures and measurements to be emailed into our sales team ([email protected]). We would then calculate an upstairs delivery quotation for you. In some local cases we may request to come and view the access to make sure the piano will fit round tight corners in a staircase.

Home assembly required

If you have purchased an instrument from our digital piano range and not selected the ‘Premium Delivery Service’ then the instrument will be arriving in a flatpack box and will require self-assembly.

The assembly of most digital pianos will take you around a minimum of 1 hour. We strongly recommend that you have two people present during the assembly. Instructions of assembly will be located inside flatpack box.

Free headphones

Acoustic pianos:

All Silent, AnyTime ATX 3, AURES, TransAcoustic and Disklavier pianos come with free manufacturer headphones.

Digital Pianos:

All premium and Hybrid digital pianos come with free manufacturer headphones. We only supply the best quality Yamaha or Kawai headphones which give the user the very best piano experience.

If you have any questions regarding headphone models, please contact a member of our staff on 01562 731113 or email [email protected]

Price match

We ask customers to call 01562 731113 and speak to our sales team for our best quote.

Here at Broughton’s we are happy to try and match any legitimate UK based musical retailer. We have been in business for over 35 years and much of our success has been down to offering the largest selection of pianos at the most competitive prices.

If you have seen the same product advertised on another UK based retailers online shop or within the showroom, please call us on 01562 731113 and we will try and beat their quote instead of just matching it.

Broughton Pianos Price Match Terms & Conditions

  1. Finance may not be available on price-matched products
  2. You must be able to substantiate the quotation
  3. We do not match verbal quotes
  4. The product must be kept in stock by the competitor
  5. We reserve the right not to price match if we currently have insufficient stock on certain instruments.

Why Broughton Pianos should be your preferred choice rather than overseas companies:

Over the years we have listened intently to our customers and have gathered their feedback in relation to their experiences of dealing with overseas companies.

Please see below the frequent feedback we have received in relation to this:

  • Delivery charges are not always shown to customers until you commit to purchasing.
  • Talk to our team rather than someone who’s English speaking skills could be poor, important information can get lost in translation.
  • Once purchased prices are then converted into GBP by your credit card provider, this figure can often amount to more than the price you see advertised in Euro due to exchange rates.
  • Buying from a European retailer will mean that your new instrument will be sent via courier, customers have been known to have to assist in getting the instrument off the back of a van and into your home.
  • Pianos will not come assembled and customers are left with masses of cardboard and packaging to dispose of.
  • European products come with a different warranty, here in the UK manufacturers have their own engineers if something goes wrong with your piano. Buy from Broughton’s and get a proper warranty, one that you can have confidence in!
  • We can provide finance on all products, European retailers cannot offer this service to customers in the UK.
  • Buy from Broughton Pianos and have 7 days a week support available.

We take pride in being able to offer you a team, whose excellent communication skills will ensure nothing is lost in translation.

Furthermore, you will also be supporting your local piano shop and will be allowing us to carry on this wonderful family business.