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In its never-ending quest to elevate the art of instrumental craftsmanship, Kawai continues to fulfil its calling as the future of the piano.

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Why choose a Kawai Piano?

Broughton Pianos are an official dealer of Kawai digital pianos. We have achieved Selection Centre status thanks to our commitment to displaying a comprehensive selection of Kawai digital pianos, in stock, set up, and ready for you to play. We have most models in stock at all times, however, if we happen to have sold out of your desired model, then we can deliver your preferred instrument to you within 10-14 days, fresh from the Kawai piano stock facility. We also stock second-hand acoustic Kawai pianos; many of which we have on display in our showrooms offer you the rare opportunity to play digital pianos, upright pianos, and grand pianos side by side for direct comparison, all of which is from the same producer. You can search our stock by clicking on the links at the side of the page to see our current availability.

If you have a kawai piano for sale then please give us a call for a quote on what we can give you for the instrument. Alternatively, if you have a Kawai piano in need of tuning or restorative work (internal or external), please feel free to enquire on 01562 731113, you can also email us with your contact number & email address, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kawai pianos any good?

In comparison to a Yamaha piano, Kawai pianos offer a warmer quality of tone. This has made them a preferred choice for many classical and professional pianists in concert halls around the world. The Kawai piano's stereotypical sound is rich, broad, and pleasant to the ear without any harshness.

Kawai pianos are also known to produce rich, full sounds. Many pianists choose to play this range of instruments from Japan for their quality, tone, and sound. This is also true for their digital range. For a fraction of the price, a digital model offers similar sounds at a lower price. This is perfect for beginners, people who want something more compact or want to use headphones to avoid annoying the neighbours.

How much is a Kawai piano worth?

Kawai has a large range of products. From upright pianos, grand pianos, to digital pianos, they have a lot of models to choose from and a lot of different prices. This means you can find entry-level pianos and expert-level pianos for a range of prices.

Pianos Kawai can range from hundreds of pounds, for a second-hand piano, to thousands for a digital Kawai piano, to tens of thousands for a new Kawai Grand Piano. Generally, upright and digital pianos will decrease in value rapidly; however, with brands like Kawai, this isn't always the case. Kawai pianos hold their value for much longer than other lower-end brands and can be seen as a financial investment. This is due to their expert craftsmanship, the quality of the components, and the exemplary reputation pianos Kawai has.

If you want to try pianos Kawai in our showroom, or any of our instruments, make an appointment today!

What is the best piano brand?

Piano brands originating from Japan, such as Yamaha, Kawai, and Steinway are trendy worldwide. It is difficult to determine 'the best' as different pianos and piano series offer other things to a vast and varied audience. Beginners may prefer the character of the Yamaha, concert grand piano pianists may crave the innovation of Kawai pianos, and tutors could have enough passion and experience to enjoy playing any piano. When it comes to music, it is personal preference, and every brand offers a range of models to meet all players' tastes and demands.

How much is a used Kawai piano price?

The valuation of used pianos is difficult. The financial range of used Kawai pianos varies wildly and depends on several factors, such as the piano's condition, age, supply and demand, and local economies. Another thing that determines a second-hand pianos retail price is how much time and money have gone into the model's restoration work - if required. Used pianos can still retail completely differently, even if their financial value should be the same, depending on the retailer and the price the purchaser is willing to pay.

It is ok to question the retail price of second-hand, used pianos. Professional sellers will explain precisely how they have come up with the price and even offer guarantees and warranties for the piano or its parts. There could also be offers or deals available for used pianos in a showroom or on a website.

How much does a Kawai baby grand piano cost?

A Kawai baby grand piano can retail very differently in different stores and from website to website. The prices can depend on stock levels - supply and demand, the instrument's condition, and whether the retailer has put the piano on sale or special offer (although rare, this can happen). Kawai baby grand pianos in new condition should retail under £20,000; for a used model, you could expect to halve this.

What is the best digital pianos to buy?

All digital pianos can make great music for pianists, with room for experiment, skill growth, and musical creation. With the right amount of passion, determination, and want to play music, one digital series should provide the same experience. Kawai digital pianos series excel here as they give some of the best-weighted action digital pianos on the market.

How long can a Kawai piano last?

Koichi Kawai built products to last. A well-maintained Kawai can last for 20-30 years and even beyond with some restoration work.

Should I purchase a second-hand Kawai Piano?

Second-hand products are significantly cheaper to purchase and so can make financial sense. Before deciding whether to buy new stock or used stock, why not visit our showroom to get the most from your browsing experience?

Who Is Koichi Kawai

Koichi Kawai founded Kawai Musical Instrument Research Laboratory in Hamamatsu, Japan in 1927 with a number of colleagues.

Is Kawai piano a good brand?

Built-in Japan and known all over the world, the Kawai piano boasts a grand rich sound that other pianos thrive to have. Its precision has made it a must for many professional pianists as its quality and sounds are beautiful. On top of that, they offer a price that many competitors can't beat. With decades of experience, Kawai is hard to beat. Their brand is good for beginners and professionals alike.