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A Geyer GG150

A Geyer GG 150


Kawai GL30


Kawai GL-10 ATX4


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Kawai GL-50


Kawai GX-2


Kawai GX-2 ATX 4


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Why choose a Grand Piano?

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A grand piano provides the perfect centrepiece to any home environment, not only offering the most demanding aesthetic, but also an astonishingly superior sound. The larger body of a grand piano gives it a fuller, more dynamic sound, which is maintained throughout the entire instrument from the treble to bass. They come in many sizes, meaning even modestly sized home environments can often house one. The strings are supported horizontally in a grand piano, as opposed to vertically in an upright, meaning they are of a longer length, and therefore resonate differently. Ownership of a grand piano can bring the essence of the concert hall into your living room. Here at Broughton Pianos we stock and display a wide range of pianos, including Upright Pianos and Digital Pianos for you to come and try, varying from baby grands for those economizing on space, through to concert grands, for those looking for the ultimate piano experience. We also stock a range of finishes from black polyester through to burl walnut, with and everything in between, meaning we will always have a piano to suit your décor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brand of grand pianos?

At Broughton Pianos, we stock grand pianos from all the leading manufacturers, including; Yamaha, Kawai pianos, Shigeru Kawai, Hailun pianos, W.Hoffmann, Steinway & Sons, A.Geyer, Apollo, C.Bechstein, Petrof, Spencer, Danemann pianos, and Diapason. We believe that the brands we stock are the best and include entry-level and mid-range grand pianos, as well as upright and digital pianos, suitable to all abilities and budgets.

What do you get with a Yamaha Grand Piano?

Yamaha music has been around for more than a hundred years, so the number one thing you get is a brand experience, longevity, and trust. With a Yamaha grand piano, you are guaranteed a piano of the highest quality, Yamaha music is a sound unrivalled by most other brands and the top choice for classic pianists all over the world. A Yamaha piano can take skilled hands a year to construct, using the best quality woods and mechanics to ensure you can enjoy Yamaha music for years to come - even for generations to come, providing you take care of your piano. For more information visit Yamaha grand pianos.

Is a used piano as good as a new one?

There is an unfair stigma attached to used products, suggesting that they are of lower quality than their newer models. Although this can be the case with pianos, guitars, and all instruments, there are a number of benefits to buying a used piano. The biggest advantage to used pianos is their retail price, which will be significantly lower in comparison to a new model from the same brand. It is important to look at all the information provided for the used piano before making a decision, this is all clearly listed on our website and we welcome you to enquire about any piano you are interested in, either through our website, contact number, or Facebook page.

How often should my piano be tuned?

An item of a great investment, which is how you may view a grand piano, should be well-cared for and looked after. For a grand piano this means a number of things, but to ensure good sound quality, nothing is more essential than tuning your piano. It is recommended that a new grand piano is tuned four times in its first year, each time there is a new season, and following this every six months. In addition to keeping your piano playing at its best, regular tuning is also vital to reduce the risk of strings needing to be replaced as tuning ensures they remain in top condition. At Broughton Pianos, we have highly experienced piano tuners who can tune your piano as well as being able to diagnose and repair any problems that could arise within the piano itself.

Should I buy a new or used pianos?

This depends on personal preference, intention, skill level, and budget. A new grand piano comes with all the information you could need to know, it will also have a manufacturer's warranty and a much slimmer chance of there being any hidden defects with the piano. You can expect a longer piano life expectancy which gives greater peace of mind after purchasing. If you are new to piano playing and taking it up as a hobby then it may be wise to consider renting a piano model, or looking at purchasing a used piano or even considering a digital upright piano - over buying a new grand piano. This reduces financial losses if you decide to drop the hobby or decide that it is not for you. However, a trained pianist or more professional piano player may want the feeling of playing a piano that's never been played before which can only occur with a new piano.

Can I rent a grand piano?

You can enquire to rent a piano through our Facebook page, website or by calling our professional team on 01562 731113. Our pianos for hire is available for both corporate and private clients, whatever the reason may be.

Why are grand pianos so expensive?

Grand pianos are expensive to buy simply because they are more expensive to manufacture than a number of other instruments. Grand pianos take highly skilled hands a whole year to construct and they are made of top-quality woods and materials, such as mahogany, ebony, and ivory. All of the components that go into building pianos are of the highest calibre - wool felt, hard rock maple, veneers, top-grade spruce. If you're looking for luxury and top quality it has its price.

What if I find pianos cheaper somewhere else?

If you see a piano model, whether it be entry level, mid range or high end, cheaper somewhere else then please enquire with our sales team for our best quote. Broughtons are happy to try to match or even beat any legitimate UK based musical retailer quote.

What are the benefits of grand pianos over digital pianos?

Grand pianos have remained a popular and consistent choice for pianists all over the world, and there are a series of reasons for this. Their impeccable musical range, incredible quality, and aesthetically pleasing design are but a few. Digital pianos do have their own advantages, such as their available sounds, including; 'strings', 'harpsichord' and 'church organ', to name a few. For a child or new player, this can make learning to play the piano a more dynamic and fun experience. Digital pianos are also cheaper, have much smaller dimensions so are suitable for most rooms in most homes and they require little maintenance. However, when it comes to sound quality, which is really of the essence, digital pianos cannot compare to grand pianos. The sound from grand pianos is made by felt-covered hammers hitting steel-wire strings, its keys are touch-responsive so can be replayed without having to be fully released and this is how harmonic, smooth, traditional tones are produced. The grand piano has a rich, natural, and authentic sound, whereas digital pianos mimic the sounds of acoustic pianos and replay this through a digital file. This cannot result in the same acoustic nuances.

What items are needed to go with my piano?

To have the best set up for your piano you could consider:


Through our website, you can find our stock of headphones that you can add to your basket to enable you to make the most out of your piano. Our Kawai and Yamaha brand headphones produce a studio-quality sound that will allow you to experience concert hall acoustics in your own, private space. For a digital piano, a high-quality pair of headphones will allow you to practice for as many hours as you want without feeling self-conscious about any mistakes and with continuous play being silent to everyone else.


Pianos must be comfortable to be sat at or they may soon feel more like a chore than a pleasant pastime. A piano stool will enable you to sit comfortably, with good posture, and at the correct height. If you're sitting at the wrong height this can cause discomfort as well as bad playing habits.


If you have decided to purchase a digital piano then you might want to consider a piano stand. A piano stand will help you to play with the correct posture, ensuring comfort and good playing habits.