Keeping your piano in tune is critical to achieving the perfect sound. The regularity with which you get your piano tuned obviously varies depending on how often you use it, as well as your own demands of the instrument. For example, classical music venues will have their piano tuned to perfect pitch before every recital to ensure it is perfect. However, we recommend anyone who has a piano in their home to get it tuned once every six to twelve months.

There are plenty of reasons for you to get your piano tuned. First and foremost, it keeps your piano playing at its best. Beyond that, tuning is critical to keeping the strings in top condition and reducing the risk of needing them replaced. Our tuners are all highly qualified and have decades of experience as piano technicians. IN this role they are required to diagnose and fix any problem that can occur inside of the instrument itself. By getting a tuning from us, you know that the person responsible comprehensive knowledge ensures any other faults can be found.

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