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  • Mahogany or hard maple? Choosing the best wood for your piano

    There’s so much to think about when considering buying a new piano – size, shape, colour, material ... Did you know, an acoustic piano is made up of around 85% wood? There are so many components ...

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  • What are piano keys made of and why?

    So, you love to sit and play your piano every day, but have you ever wondered why the keys are black and white, and what exactly they are made of? Our blog will explain all so you can get back to ...

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  • Cheltenham Music Festival

    The Cheltenham Music Festival 2017 bursts open on the 1 July (continuing right through to the 16th) and we’re very excited about the brand new Bear and the Piano story. This extraordinary concert ...

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  • We’ve heard of a new Phenomenon called Piano Yoga!

    So we've heard about a new phenomenon that we think is pretty exciting. This phenomenon is known as piano yoga! Visions of a female performing a yoga mountain pose, delicately poised atop a piano ...

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  • Typical piano practice mistakes

    There are several common piano practice mistakes that students make. If you want to become more proficient and to enjoy playing the piano then check out the following: One of the first and most ...

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  • How to move a piano

    Pianos are very heavy instruments and they are made in a way that makes them prone to dents, nicks, and scratches during transportation and relocation. There are many different types of pianos and ...

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  • Easy piano songs for young children

    It doesn’t really matter whether you have a relatively small electronic keyboard or a large professional piano, you can still teach your very young children how to play some easy songs and ...

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  • How to clean a piano

    Pianos are very durable musical instruments, but if you want to make sure that your piano will stay in top shape for many years, you must clean it on a regular basis. Thanks to proper maintenance, ...

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  • Myths about Learning to Play the Piano

    It is quite common to hear myths about learning to play the piano, even from people who have never used the instrument! However, there are also people who have been playing this instrument for many ...

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  • Are there health benefits to playing a piano?

    As well as being a fantastic instrument to learn and play, the piano can also bring health benefits. For example: Enhances neural connections Neurons are structures in our brain that transmit and ...

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