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A Geyer GU115


A Geyer GU123


A Geyer GG150

A Geyer GG 150


Why choose A Geyer Pianos?

A Geyer is one of the long established bastions of the piano world. Founded in 1877 in Eisenberg, Germany by the Geyer family they are at the heart of one of the most important piano manufacturing regions in the world. The knowledge Mr. Geyer accumulated both in Germany and from around the world is still ever present in their pianos design and build quality today. The Geyer factory provided a key place of manufacture with many other companies such as Wilh. Steinberg and Fuchs & Mohr entrusting them to build parts for their own instruments. Fredrick Steffes, the company’s CEO now looks to synthesise traditional techniques with modern manufacture to create some of the most reliable, precise instruments on the market. Known for their high build quality and superb acoustic features (particularly at the price range) A. Geyer pianos are a safe bet for any aspiring musician looking to invest.