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An extensive range of quality used upright and grand pianos to be played in-store. Why not pop into to our state-of-the-art new showroom to see our ever-changing display of quality used pianos.

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Why choose a Used Piano?

An extensive range of quality used upright and grand pianos to be played in-store. Why not pop into to our state-of-the-art new showroom to see our ever-changing display of quality used pianos.

Why Choose a Second Hand Piano?

Choosing a used piano for sale offers many benefits over a new piano. It can allow you to stretch your budget to a high-end piano that wouldn't be affordable as new. Used pianos also offer a sustainable alternative to purchasing a new piano.

Second Hand Pianos For Sale

We have an extensive range of quality second-hand pianos, including grand pianos which are ready for a new home. As a used Yamaha piano specialist, we can advise you on the best option for your home, practice space, or recording studio. We rigorously test all used pianos which come to us to ensure that they meet our exacting standards. If you are looking to upgrade or sell your existing piano, we also buy used pianos and offer a trade-in service when you sell your piano to us. Call our number or email our email address & one of our team will take you through the second hand pianos for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Should I Pay For a Used Piano?

A second-hand pianos greatest advantage is its lower retail price. You may even find one that has had marginal use and be in excellent condition use but still have a value that's been reduced as it was owned before. This is even the case for the world's greatest brands such as Yamaha, Steinway, and Kawai who could have a sale price way below their actual value because they are second-hand, giving you significant savings.

What Can I do With an Old Piano?

You can do anything with second-hand pianos that you could do with a piano that had never been used by anyone. As long as a 2nd hand piano has had regular service, been tuned and cleaned by a piano specialist, and been well looked after, you will have an instrument to be proud of.

What is the Best Cheap Keyboard Piano?

An upright piano, or keyboard pianos, cost less money than grand pianos, which you may presume results in lower quality pianos, but this isn't always the case. Keyboards have their place in the music world and can be a fantastic instrument for a piano beginner, learner, travelling musician, or tutor.

Benefits of a Using a Reputable Stocklist

As long as you're buying a keyboard, or upright piano, from a reputable store, showroom, music store, or workshop, you should have a good quality upright piano with documented history, warranty, and often even free delivery too. You can save additional money by looking into second-hand pianos.

What is the Best-Used Piano to Buy?

Second-hand pianos, upright, digital, or a grand piano should ensure customer satisfaction if sold by a reputable company. Piano specialists will have conducted any necessary restoration work and repairs and made sure that it is fit for use if you require advice about specific models or a brand, phone or email Broughton Pianos and learn too what products they have currently on sale.

Are Old Pianos Worth Anything?

Top brands and models tend to hold their financial worth better than lower-ended instruments. A second-hand concert grand piano price can still be pretty significant, especially if the grand piano has been well looked after and has an extensive service history.

What Piano is Best for Beginners?

Showrooms are the best place to experience the products on sale - discover their tone, sound, and feel first-hand. They're also a great place to receive help and advice from the showroom advisors and sale staff. You could make an appointment and many showrooms will be in a prime location with on-site parking, which can be a great help if you want to take your piano home the same day.

Is it Worth Buying a Used Piano?

A used piano can provide years of entertainment and be just as good as a brand new instrument - but with a much lower retail price. Used pianos are of lower price because they've been used before - that is it, they could have been played a single time but this still results in their used status and less-expensive price.

Find Your Piano Today

You can search for pianos in the used pianos category of our website or a brand-specific category and email over any inquiry you have to receive expert advice. We can email you back, if you leave your email address, or call you or arrange a date and time for you to visit our showroom.