Rent Me T&C's

Rent with the option to purchase:

Here at Broughton Pianos we are delighted to be able to offer customers the chance to rent a new or used instrument for 6 months with the option to purchase. You pay a one-off fee that lasts for the hire term and you are then left with the remaining balance to pay 6 months later. Customers find this method extremely appealing for many different reasons, for example:

  • It gives you time when the piano arrives home to connect with the instrument, as every acoustic piano can sound different when it’s played in a domestic environment compared to our showrooms
  • You are able to change the instrument for another model within 6 months which could mean you could upgrade and go for something a little more expensive or down grade to something that’s a little more affordable
  • It spreads the cost at no additional fee

If you decide to change the instrument within 6 months, we charge £85. This charge is classed as a changeover fee for moving the existing model out of your home and the new one in.

If you discover that playing the piano isn’t for you, we simply arrange a collection date with you after your hire duration and take the piano away. No additional charges will be made.


Piano price (£) ÷ 100 = X9 = X2 = +135 = 6 month hire price


£2000 ÷ 100 = 20 X 9 = 180 X2 = £360 + 135 = £495