Finding the perfect baby grand piano

16th September 2020

A baby grand piano allows players to access that perfect point between space and sound by bringing the majesty of a grand piano into the home.

For most piano players having a full-size grand piano in their home is just not feasible on account of the space needed.

Yet a baby grand piano keeps that dream alive, with instruments that will make a statement but that can fit within the walls of a modern home.

Why choose a baby grand piano?

The wealth of quality in many of the world’s piano brands means there is a multitude of options for top level players and ambitious beginners to enjoy a fantastic sound and playing experience.

Yet for many players, the pinnacle remains a grand piano – with the size, appearance and sound being outstanding.

Yet the size of a full-scale grand puts ownership outside the grasp of most players. As well as the space to accommodate a grand piano, a room must also have the added capacity to carry the sound of the instrument.

It is here that baby grand pianos come into their own; players can enjoy the sound and experience, yet on an instrument that can find a place in the home.

A baby grand piano looks amazing and will provide a true centrepiece to any room, it will also be an investment that will keep on giving through a powerful and responsive sound.

What to look for when finding the perfect baby grand piano

One of the most important pieces of wisdom offered when buying a piano is that a more expensive model may be better than a larger one.

Where an expensive upright piano may well prove to be a better investment than a cheaper grand piano, the same is true of a baby grand piano. It is better to buy a more expensive baby grand piano than a cheap grand piano.

Thankfully to guide you on your way there are recognised brands, which offer an expected level of quality with both Yamaha and Kawai making baby grand pianos that deliver an exceptional experience at an affordable price.

The main points to consider include:

Tone – the clarity of tone is the main draw in buying a grand piano.

Precision – playing to a high standard and progressing relies on the responsiveness of the instrument, also being essential to the enjoyment of playing.

Size – the length of a grand piano will affect the richness of the sound, with models over 5 feet long offering a greater depth in tone due to the longer strings.

Longevity – when choosing a grand piano you want to be sure of the durability of the instrument, especially as many will become a family investment.

Of course, the most important factor in buying a baby grand piano is that you have the space to accommodate it, and this may to some extent influence the model that you choose.

As with all pianos, ultimately which baby grand piano you choose is down to personal choice. Identity your budget, style, brand and size, then visit a showroom to try out the models that are available.

Kawai baby grand pianos

Kawai has focused strongly on improving the technical performance of pianos and this commitment has helped it to offer a new take on baby grand pianos that offer excellent quality. The Kawai GL50 represents this, using carbon fibre to improve durability, power and control that allows it to ‘outperform’ a comparable grand piano.

A name to be trusted and known for its innovative approach, Kawai has also created a hybrid baby grand piano in the Kawai GL-10 ATX2 that allows for silent practice, which is something to be considered in a home environment.

Yamaha baby grand pianos

Yamaha has also embraced the benefits of technology in giving added functionality to a baby grand piano in a domestic setting with the Yamaha DGB1K Enspire ST Disklavier. Adding silent technology and playback technology to the GB1K Baby Grand, this model aids player progress every step of the way.

The Yamaha GB1K Baby Grand itself demonstrates exactly what a good investment a baby grand can be – and the enjoyment it can bring. Affordable and small enough to fit into a home, yet with a reliable sound, this model presents an excellent choice when looking for an impressive piano.

Broughton Pianos stocks a wide range of pianos at its showroom in Stourbridge, including baby grand pianos.

For more information on buying a baby grand piano, or to book an appointment to visit the showroom, please contact Broughton Pianos.