Get the sound of a Grand Piano with our new Kawai ES120!

14th September 2022

Categories: Digital

Imagine what it might be like to play a Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano. Well imagine no more! The Kawai ES120 digital piano can bring this right to your finger tips.

Building on the foundation of the popular ES110, this is one of our best new pianos from our Kawai digital range! It works brilliantly on stage due to its portability, or at home where it takes up very little space!

With 25 voices, 192 note polyphony, 100 drum rhythms, 6 types of reverb, duel and split modes, this piano is sure to keep you occupied!

Acoustic feel

This piano has weighted keys and hammers, (lighter for the treble and heavier for the bass-just like an acoustic piano) and comes with full 88-key sampling- all designed to replicate the sound of an SK-EX grand piano! The sound system is not only limited to the SK-EX but offers a wide variety of additional piano samples. With this model, you can really enjoy playing the next best thing to a real grand piano, with a wide dynamic range meaning you can play the instrument to its full potential. It even feels real to the touch with its matte key surface! The cushioning material on the keyboard has also been improved and designed to minimise the sound of thumping keys so you can enjoy smoother, consistent playing.


This digital piano is perfectily suitable for anyone wishing to easily transport their piano around with minimum fuss. The accompanying music rest is detachable and light-weight along with the switch pedal included in the package. If you need to carry this piano around for gigs, steet performances or concerts, you will find yourself lifting a piano weighing only 12kg.

Fantastic Connectivity

This piano is compatible with duel headphone connectors meaning it is perfect for anyone wanting to share their playing with someone else without disturbing others. If you are a pianist who enjoys recording and playing back a performance, this is also something you can easily do via the bluetooth MIDI and audio connectivity. Connect this piano to your laptop, smartphone or tablet and use it with compatible apps such as the PianoRemote App for ios/Android. You will also be able to play music from your phone through your ES120's speakers.

Compatible with a wide range of pedals

Apart from the included switch pedal, this piano is compatible with more advanced pedal systems such as the F-10H pedal and the GFP-3-3-pedal unit which are all detachable and easy to carry. If you only need a more secure, single sustain pedal, then the F-10H pedal is the best choice, but if you are familiar with using all three pedals (sustain, sostenuto and soft pedal) then you are more likely to choose the GFP-3-3-pedal unit. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve!

Professional Appearance

You can also get hold of a classy HML-2 designer stand and give your piano a professional appearance! You will then have a solid base from which you can play from and experience the stable and controlled playing you get from of an upright piano. If you want to present your piano in an even more realistic fashion, then add the F-351 triple pedal unit! With this being integrated into the stand, you will feel close to playing an upright piano with all three pedals fixed in position. This will help any pianist become more accustomed to playing their own piano as the pedals will stay in the same place.

Want to know more about the sound? Scroll down in the link below on Kawai's website and listen to all the ES120 piano sound demos!

Kawai ES120 Demos

And if you really like the sound of everything you've just read, follow the link to our page dedicated to the ES120!

Kawai ES120