Unique Features of Shigeru Kawai Pianos

22nd August 2022

Categories: Acoustic

What's on your piano wish-list?
Do you wish your piano responded better? Would you like one that retains top quality features for years to come?

Then look no further than our fantastic Shigeru Kawai range!

These pianos offer greater response, richer tone and extended durability all stemming from intricate hand-made processes.

Want to play with power?
The taller keystics and lenghtened key buttons will help you do exactly that!

The extended keysticks will also give you a better response.

Wondering what it's made from?
Have you heard of the special wood used to produce a piano's soundboard?

Well it's called SPRUCE! And only the best is used to produce the soundboard of a Shigeru Kawai piano.

And if you think your control of the keys could do with a boost, the millenium III carbon fibre action will lend itself well to any player looking to improve this area of their playing.

The Shigeru Kawai gives a bold, well-rounded sound and perfectly balanced tone, enhanced by the mix of distinct hardwoods used to build the rim.

You can also achieve delicate expression using the duel-pivot damper design that gives smoother half-pedal control.

Great attention is given to the fitting of the strings resulting in stabler tuning and increased tone-quality.

All this combined produces the piano's mellow depth of sound!

Want to know more?
Follow the links to the models in the SK series to read a more detailed description of these fine works of art!

Discover how a Shigeru Kawai can become a great companion in your musicianship by coming along to our showroom to play one yourself!

Shigeru Kawai Range