The character of Casio's PX-S7000 digital piano!

26th September 2022

Categories: Digital


This is the best model in the Casio Privia series! If you're after a digital piano that will fit perfectly into any modern space, with a menu system that is easy to navigate along with plenty of acoustic and realistic pianos sounds, then consider the Casio Privia PX-S7000! It's the slimmest digital piano on the market and only weights 14.8kg! You can choose to have it in Black or White and if you're feeling quirky-why not opt for Harmonious Mustard and add a dab of colour to a bare room. The stand is very unique and minimalist with its woodgrain appearance and angled, slim, legs. You can plug in two sets of headphones, a microphone and use bluetooth audio and midi connectivity. The action has also been designed to play quietly whilst playing with headphones-perfect for those wanting to rehearse without disturbing people near by.


Get close to achieving the same level of playing as you would on a Grand Piano with this new design as well as utilising all the effects that a digital piano has to offer! There are so many sounds to choose from (400 in total!) including Image Piano, Ragtime piano, Neo Soul EP piano and AMP 60's EP. A pitch bend wheel, arpeggiator and modulator are also available to use for your own creativity. You can navigate your way through more settings and piano sound options using a touch ring. You can even go into these settings and edit parameters such as string resonance, damper resonance and open string resonance. You can assign settings to four multi-function buttons that appear on the surface of the piano enabling you to save and recall settings that you need most.


This piano is particularly good at capturing the expression of the pianist playing it! This is helped by the acoustic and intelligent resonator (known as AiR) built into the piano to measure amplitude and key velocity! So if you want a piano that reproduces not only the notes you are playing, but the exact way in which you are playing it, then the PX-S7000 can do just that! What makes the PX-S7000 even more like an acoustic piano, are the new ebony and ivory key-tops, spruce key sides and a smart hybrid hammer action keyboard! There is also a triple pedal unit built into the stand so you can play with pedals fixed in a stable position.

Overall, this is a fantastic invention that encompasses some of the characterisitcs found in older casio models (GP310 & GP510) such as the hybrid piano action and three concert grand piano samples (Berlin, Hamburg and New York), as well as being a brand new digital piano that introduces some amazing new features and an extensive menu that lets you do all sorts of things. It truely is a piano that any advanced pianist can enjoy!

Follow the link to find out more: Casio Privia PX-S7000