The history of Hailun pianos

14th April 2020

Categories: Acoustic

There is always room for innovation and quality and through a determined work ethic and vision, Hailun pianos has risen to become a global piano brand.

Having started creating pianos in the mid-1990s, Hailun has thrived thanks to its commitment to using the expertise passed down through long-established piano-makers across the world.

The Chinese brand first set foot into the world of piano creation, when founder Hailun Chen and his wife Faye started making piano parts in 1986 after graduating from the Piano Technology School in Beijing.

By 1995 Hailun Chen had developed the business sufficiently to create pianos in their entirety, however, it was not until the early 2000s that the company’s success really began to take flight.

Marrying tradition and technology together

Having established a factory capable of producing top-quality pianos by 2000, Hailun Chen formed the first of several partnerships that would cement the reputation of this piano brand.

Always with an eye on his dream of making the finest quality pianos in Asia, Hailun teamed up with Peter Veletzky – the fourth generation of a family of traditional piano manufacturers in Vienna, Austria.

Working together, Veletzky and Hailun Chen combined their knowledge of piano-making and technology to fine tune the company’s offering in a partnership that saw Wendl & Lung pianos being made at the Chinese company.

From this initial partnership Hailun went on to work with other piano aficionados from around the world to use their insights and expertise to hone the sound and design of the pianos they created.

These included American piano designer George F Emerson, French piano-maker Stephen Paulello, Japanese production specialist Ema Shigeru and Austrian sound specialist Zlatkovic Sibin.

Innovation and quality in Hailun Pianos

This commitment to innovation and quality has paid off with the brand being recognised for the high standards of its instruments, allowing it to develop an enviable reputation in the space of just two decades.

With a factory employing 800 workers, Hailun Pianos are now sold widely across Europe, the United States and Japan.

The firm’s efforts were recognised when it won the Austrian Schumpeter Prize awarded for contribution to economics and politics. It has also repeatedly won the Musical Merchandise Review (MMR) ‘Acoustic Piano Line of the year’ in the United States.

By working hard to bring together technology and traditional design Hailun has created a brand that signifies innovation and quality – and has shown that there is certainly room for newer piano manufacturers to have a commanding presence in piano production.

In keeping with tradition, Hailun sources the very best materials to create pianos with an excellent tone and durability. This is matched by a commitment to creating the best sound and using technology to deliver an affordable, quality product.

Initially owned partly by the Chinese government, Hailun Chen purchased the company outright and went on to pursue his dream of creating a piano made in his name.

Quality Hailun Pianos

A Hailun Piano makes an excellent investment for players looking for an instrument that is made to very high standards.

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