How good is the Yamaha B2 Upright Piano?

15th September 2021

Categories: Acoustic

Introducing the Yamaha B2 Upright Piano

The Yamaha B2 is the Yamaha B Series' mid-level upright piano. Yamaha's B upright pianos are the company's most budget-friendly uprights. Although lower production costs allow for more affordable prices, Yamaha pianos does not skimp on the materials or quality of these outstanding uprights. The Yamaha B2 provides a better sound with additional depth and loudness thanks to its slightly bigger size and sturdy construction. The Yamaha b2 piano is an excellent piano for a beginner or aspiring pianist on a tight budget.

The Yamaha B2 is a budget-friendly upright with a clean, rich tone and quick response. The B2 is an excellent choice for new or starting pianists on a budget.

Yamaha's soundboards, casings, keyboard actions, and other piano components are designed and manufactured with unshakable reliability and stringent quality control in mind. Trained artisans build all elements by hand to create a well-balanced piano that blends Yamaha's signature pure quality sound with outstanding performance. Consequently, even individuals who are learning to play the piano for the first time have a high degree of expressiveness that reacts accurately.

The Yamaha b Series' middle piano offers excellent performance at an affordable price. The b2 is somewhat taller than the b1 at 113cm, indicating that the soundboard and strings are more extended, resulting in greater resonance and a more comprehensive sonic range. It also has a better sound, with more depth and power, thanks to its larger size. The b2's cabinet has a classic style with legs, giving it a strong visual presence. The solid spruce soundboard (as opposed to laminate wood on the b1), which vibrates wonderfully, is one of the primary improvements. There are four casters on the bottom of the b2 that make transporting the piano much simpler.

Underfelt on the hammers is another improvement; this is simply an additional layer of felt that gives the hammer greater weight, lifespan, and sturdiness. It also allows players to be even more energetic and expressive when playing the piano.

How good is the Yamaha B2?

The Yamaha B2 is the Yamaha B Series' mid-level upright piano. ... The Yamaha B2 provides a better sound with additional depth and loudness thanks to its slightly bigger size and sturdy construction. The new B2 offers a better sound through extra depth and volume, thanks to its 113-centimetre height, bigger proportions, and heavier construction. There is no finer piano for the aspiring musician on a budget.

B Series pianos are designed to provide Yamaha quality at an accessible price point, drawing on what we've learned in over a century of piano manufacture. As a consequence, you'll have a reliable instrument that's perfect for a beginner pianist. The B Series provides Yamaha's famous clean, clear tone and an easy-to-play, responsive keyboard that motivates players of all abilities, with a compact, sturdy construction and no sacrifices on materials or craftsmanship.

Yamaha's b Series pianos come in a variety of sizes, widths, and depths. The b1 and b2 have slim designs that make them appropriate for tight areas. The b3 upright takes up more space due to its bigger size and heavier construction, but it produces a rich, wide-ranging sound.

Yamaha also has an Extruded Aluminum Alloy Action Rail, which reduces touch-related variations in wood and metal-encased rails, enabling more consistent, long-term action control. The b Series, like other Yamaha pianos, features Uniform Key Travel, which ensures that Yamaha keyboards remain constant regardless of size, kind, or model.

Balanced action is also available with the b Series. A Yamaha piano's keys are independently weighted, allowing all keys to play in unison, assuring a lifetime of touch and control throughout the whole keyboard.

Mid-size piano for fuller tone and volume

Yamaha's famous piano tone, feel, and elegance are available in the b series at an incredible price. The b2 acoustic upright piano, as the mid-sized part of the b family, maintains a sleek form that is just slightly larger and taller than the b1. This piano's sound is higher, richer, and more resonant thanks to the additional cabinet volume.

The soundboard has a crown design. This soundboard design of the Yamaha b2 acoustic upright improves resonance and projection. The sound is large, rich, and beautifully balanced, even though the b2 is still on the small side for an acoustic upright piano.

The b series also includes models featuring Yamaha SILENT PianoTM technology, which allows you to put in a pair of headphones and immerse yourself in the music while playing—without having to be concerned about your surroundings.

Yamaha b2 Acoustic Upright Piano Feature

  • The shift, muffler, and damper pedals are all made of brass, which looks beautiful and lasts a long time
  • This mid-size acoustic upright piano is suitable for small settings
  • Made of acrylic resin, white keys
  • contains phenolic resin black keys
  • The keys are made of wood filler to provide a great feel

Cabinet Colour Options

There are several options you can choose from for the finish of your piano. The following are some of the choices: polished white, open-pored dark walnut, polished dark mahogany, polished ebony with chrome fittings, natural beech satin as well as natural satin cherry.

Yamaha B2 Piano Dimensions & Weight

In every dimension—height, breadth, and depth—the Yamaha b series is built with compactness in mind. The b1 and b2 were designed with great care and precision, and their compact size (109 cm for the b1 and 113 cm for the b2) renders them perfect for small areas. The b3 is slightly bigger than the b1 and b2, standing at 121 cm tall, offering a much more expressive tone.

Thanks to its wider proportions and elegant design, the new b2 piano has a more significant volume concerning its size. The beautiful housing with a classic finish pampers your eyes while the casters make movement easier. It is also a fabulous piano with a blend of good playing and sound qualities at a reasonable price for somewhat more skilled musicians.

Materials & workmanship

A polished mahogany treatment that shows the exquisite wood grain and a stylish polished white finish are options to complement the elegant and opulent polished ebony finish of the Yamaha b2 upright piano. Choose the one that complements the decor of your home or performance area the best.

The wood used makes the Yamaha b Series pianos chosen not just for their excellence but also for their long-term durability. Yamaha is committed to properly sourcing and replenishing the wood used in the production of these beautiful instruments. They have an ISO1401 certificate for ongoing environmental objectives, recycle, and intentionally save power, providing you peace of mind knowing you're purchasing from a company that cares about the environment and the goods you get.

Number Of Keys

There are several other features, including high-quality hammers, keyboards as well as keytops. All the features help in improving the resonance as well as the pianos durability.

On all types of pianos, Yamaha makes use of spruce for the keys. The B series, just like all other piano models, also uses uniform key travel. The constant key travel ensures that the keyboard has the same feel regardless of the kind of model or the size of the piano.

The B series also provide balance action. Every key on the b2 piano is independently weighted, which is crucial as it ensures that the keys play in unison, guaranteeing exceptional touch and control throughout the keyboard for a lifetime.


The piano's pedals are crucial. The piano pedals assist in boosting the emotional effect of your song by allowing notes to persist longer than usual or by emphasising softer dynamics.

The pedal lifts all of the dampers from the strings, allowing them to continue vibrating after removing a key. It enables the sounds to reverberate and blend.

Solid Spruce Sound Board

The degree of curve in the crown rises and drops significantly as the solid spruce soundboards expand and deflate with humidity changes, leading to the instrument's tone qualities altering; it also causes the piano to go out of tune annually. Additionally, the compression of the wood fibres, responsible for keeping the crown in position and improving the tone, fades with time owing to the structure of the wood. The soundboard loses its crown; as a result, producing a percussive tone with a shorter sustain period. Structure defects like compression ridges and fractures are common in solid spruce soundboards.

While none of these defects guarantees that a soundboard will no longer function properly in creating sound, they are ugly indicators that structural damage has occurred – damage that might cost the maker a lot of money in warranty costs.

Low maintenance costs

The peace of mind that comes with having a Yamaha b Series piano comes with low maintenance expenses. Every piano leaves the workshops in perfect working order, with the strictest quality control, and is ready for a lifetime of use, whether in your home, an office, or a university.

The b Series, as with all Yamaha B2 pianos, are works of art that combine art, craftsmanship, and technology, making them a joy to play and own.

Where is Yamaha B2 made?

The b Series pianos are the most economical mid-level uprights manufactured at a Yamaha facility in Indonesia from a scale design designed in Japan. Even though lower production costs allow for more affordable pricing, Yamaha does not skimp on the components or craftsmanship that go into these outstanding uprights.

For a deep, resonating sound and great loudness, choose the Yamaha b2 acoustic upright piano. The second-slimmest part of Yamaha's b-series of upright pianos, the b2 combines size and sonority in a beautiful compact ideal for the homes, churches and schools.

Moving this piano is also made easy with front and rear wheels. Even skilled pianists will know the b2 was built for professional performances, from the high-quality hammers to the finely-tuned action.

How much is the Yamaha B2 piano?

The price of the Yamaha B2 piano varies depending on the type of finish that is chosen. For example, a polished ebony Yamaha b2 has a great price of £4109 at Broughton Pianos, while a polished ebony chrome costs about £5949, a polished white b2 Yamaha costs around £6159, polished mahogany £6159.

The b Series pianos have Yamaha's famed clean, clear tone and are secured by four robust hardwood back supports and a sturdy cast iron frame. These uprights are perfect for beginner players since they have high-quality hammers and a reliable action mechanism that allows for easy playing and a very sensitive keyboard "touch."

How long does a Yamaha B2 last

Under ordinary operation, a Yamaha b2 piano will survive 40 to 50 years. Even when a piano's natural existence for a specific function has ended, it might still be repurposed as a used instrument for a different purpose.