Authentic playing with the Yamaha CLP-735 Clavinova!

11th November 2021

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The CLP Series of digital pianos uses advanced technology to reproduce the feeling of playing on a grand piano, enabling the pianist to play the keys with a wide range of speed and depth, resulting in an infinite variety of tones and creating distinctly individualized performances. The CLP-700 Series is guaranteed to give you an authentic piano playing experience, featuring expressive capabilities that rival those of a grand piano.

Grand Expression Modelling, Virtual Resonance Modelling, and a New Grand Touch-S keyboard with synthetic ivory and ebony key coverings are all included in the all-new CLP 735. All of this is a long way of stating that the CLP 735 sounds and feels very much like a grand piano, unlike prior generations. It provides a natural piano sound as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

Yamaha CLP 735 Rosewood

Specifications of the Yamaha CLP-735


To avoid any disturbance with string vibration, the escapement mechanism of a grand piano swiftly pulls the hammer off from the strings when they touch them. When the keys are lightly pushed, this mechanism makes a slight clicking sound. This feature is often missing from many digital piano experiences.

Clavinova keyboards include an escapement mechanism that simulates this touch at the key dip's base. They've been constructed in a way that makes the click only noticeable on the lightest keystrokes, comparable to a grand piano's keyboard. The roughness on such keyboards has been increased to balance key repetition and responsiveness without hindering performance. This ensures a rich instrument sound with the same features of a grand piano, with all the convenience of a digital piano.


The hammers, dimmers, and strings interact within a grand piano according to the subtlest subtleties of the pianist's touch and create an infinite spectrum of tonal manifestations. Touch relates not only to the intensity and the depth with which the keys are pushed but also to the speed and depth of the player's control. The modelling introduction of Grand Expression, which was launched in the CLP-700 Series, translates an unlimited tone fluctuation in the piano from the pianist's finger.

This allows you to change the piano sound by playing the keys at varying depths and speeds, even while utilizing techniques like trills or legato or stressing the melody over the accompaniment. In several popular songs, Grand Expression Modeling excels at properly recreating the output anticipated of these approaches. A free touch generates the weak tone in Debussy's "Clair de Lune," making the tune shine out much more beautifully. The supporting arpeggios in Liszt's "Un Sospiro" emphasize the melody without overwhelming it, and the melody's changing expression gives it the same character as voices.

Trills, legato, and other subtle techniques whereby fingers seem to glide over the keys produce the airy, clear tone representation necessary in the final of Chopin's nocturnes. Playing such compositions on a digital piano with a lot of passion allows the pianist to acquire new methods and enjoy the same thrill of expression as a painter but through sound.


The sounds of numerous world-famous concert acoustic grand pianos have been captured for the Clavinova grand piano. In concert venues, pianists all over the globe are charmed with the CFX's powerful, brilliant, profoundly expressive tone. The Imperial, the flagship model of Bosendorfer, a time-honoured Viennese piano manufacturer with a devoted fanbase, is yet another sampled concert grand. The Imperial is noted for its vibrant colours and welcoming atmosphere. Yamaha accurately captures the quirks of these concert grand pianos by meticulously capturing the complete tone range of each of the 88 keys and making minute tweaks to obtain the most harmonized piano sound.


Yamaha's CLP series pianos are the company's first to include voices from the fortepiano, the forerunner of the contemporary piano. The grand piano sounds produced by a fortepiano are significantly more straightforward than those produced by a modern digital piano, and they fade much faster. Hearing the instruments that Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin used to compose their songs can help you understand the original purpose behind the notes on the page. Playing these antique instruments provides a unique opportunity to interact with historical composers. These models come with the voices of two fortepianos that Mozart and Chopin adored.

Sound modelling

The sympathetic resonance generated by the whole instrument is one of the grand piano's most appealing features. Clavinova digital pianos use a revolutionary technique called Virtual Resonance Modeling to replicate this rich sympathetic resonance (VRM) meticulously. VRM simulates the intricate sympathetic sounds produced as string vibrations are transmitted to the soundboard and other strings, proportional to the time and intensity of key playing and pedalling for a richly diversified sound. In addition to the resonance of the duplex scaling, strings, soundboard, and casing, the CLP-700 Series pianos reproduce the noises the dampers generate when they have been raised off the strings.

Clavinova pianos provide you with instantaneous dynamics and rich sympathetic tones that a grand piano's full-body produces.


The pedals operate in the same way for all the instruments. It uses a damper pedal with half function. The pedals aim to alter the tone of the piano in a certain way, giving complete control over the piano sound. The damper pedal, commonly known as the sustain pedal, allows the piano's sound to last longer by removing the dampers from the strings.

Control panel

Clavinova pianos come with a slew of valuable capabilities that only digital pianos can provide. Use Yamaha's Smart Pianist app for further piano practice assistance. It's effortless to alter the piano's settings thanks to the easy control panel. This gives the player complete control over the digital piano sounds, making it simple to replicate the sound of a real grand piano.


The following are the accessories that come with the digital piano:

  • The manufacturer's manual
  • Power Cord or AC adaptor
  • Warranty
  • 50 Classical Music Masterpieces Music Book
  • Online Member Product Registration

The Yamaha CLP-735 is available in a few different colours, Clavinova White, Satin Black, White Ash, Dark Walnut Satin, and Clavinova Rosewood.

Features of the Yamaha Clavinova CLP-735


The pianos of Clavinova have outstanding playability and flexible functions, together with a polished and genuine design that combines a small shape with contemporary aesthetics to match the modern piano standards. Clavinova's design idea focuses on how the player feels when he sits before a Clavinova piano. Unnecessary components are eliminated from the player's range of vision to create a believable, natural environment that feels like sitting on a real acoustic piano.

This is Yamaha's way of showing that they care about musicians who practice on Clavinova and play on acoustic grand pianos—they can relax and enjoy themselves on stage since everything is how it should be. Clavinova pianos are a part of the player's everyday life, with modern embellishments and colour variations to fit any house décor or lifestyle. A digital piano is an ideal addition to any home, offering flexibility in the sound, pairing with your home speaker system using the audio outputs, or making the most of the built-in speakers. For


Grand Expression Modeling is a revolutionary new technology that allows pianists to apply their skills to create the endless tone diversity seen only on grand pianos. To add to the delight of musical expression, the ability to alter the strength and speed of touch to generate varied tones adds a whole new dimension.

Our fingertips are more sensitive than we realize, and the surface of the piano keys is crucial for pianists. The Clavinova is made of a highly absorbent material that keeps your fingertips from slipping even after hours of practice while maintaining the perfect texture and feel. The key action feels like an extension of the player's hands, ensuring more expression and a big difference in the piano sound.

Time-tested practice aids

Train your hands utilizing established practices from Hanon, Bayer, Czerny, and Burgmüller with some of the most generally acknowledged exercises across the world. You may use the built-in tunes individually to practice with your left and right hands or listen to them.

Playing the piano along with rhythm playback.

The CLP-700 series features 20 varied and easy rhythm patterns (drums and bass accompaniments), ideal for several genres of music, allowing you to spice up your performance with a few supporting players, make exercise more attractive or generate a creative flow of new ideas.

Get more from the App Smart Pianist. Enjoy piano more with Smart Pianist, a specialized application that adds to your compatible Yamaha Digital Piano a stunning graphical interface and a range of excellent capabilities. The function Bluetooth® MIDI allows you to connect wirelessly to the Smart Pianist.

Sound Quality

The CLP 735 offers a wide range of power in amplifiers and speakers in its speaker system, resulting in a broader spectrum of dynamic expression. You can also use big chords with whisper-silent pianissimo notes, which gives each note vivid clarity in singing. It also implies that you don't have to try to acquire the sound you desire from the piano; it will easily give you an authentic playing experience.

Key Action and Feel of the Yamaha CLP-735

The Graded Hammer 3X Action - the sense of touch is equally as essential as the senses of tone and sound. When it comes to the actual grand piano touch, Yamaha is well ahead of the pack. It's almost shocking how genuine the keyboard seems when you first lay your hands on it.

The (GH3X) action is faster than most other acoustic uprights in terms of repetition than in most digital pianos. The hammers are tuned to mimic a grand piano's stronger hammers in the bass area and softer hammers in the treble section. The three-sensor setup detects and interprets the key depth and strength with which every chord is struck, providing natural feedback similar to that seen on a concert grand piano.

When a pianist's fingers are raised from the keys of a grand piano, the damper is dropped over onto strings to muffle the instrument's sound, causing minor variations in the instrument's tone. Genuine recordings of these alterations are included in the Key-Off samples, enabling a much more realistic performance by faithfully reproducing the minor changes in the piano's tone.

The CLP's graded hammer action feels incredibly realistic since each hammer is independently weighted, starting with stronger bass hammers and progressing to lighter treble hammers.

Yamaha CLP 735 Satin White

What's Best in Yamaha Clavinova CLP-735

The loudness of the piano may be disturbing to the home, and also, the sounds of the household can be problematic for the pianist if the piano is played for 20 minutes, 45 minutes, or hours a day. You'll be thankful for headphones when you need to practice while the TV is on, the other children do schoolwork, or the baby is asleep. Wait till you play the Clavinova with a good pair of headphones! Binaural sampling is a fancy term for a complex recording method that employs a unique arrangement of microphones to replicate the sound of an acoustic piano to the human ear via headphones.

What's Lacking in Yamaha Clavinova CLP-735 digital piano?

The natural wooden keys are missing from the Yamaha 735. The wood keys add to the game's authenticity by allowing players to feel the energy communicated through the key, simulating the sound of a hammer striking a string. The CLP735 features plastic keys and is highly similar to the Baby Grand version in terms of specifications. The new Yamaha Clavinova models now use wooden keys.

Frequently asked questions

What's the price of the Yamaha CLP-735?

The piano comes at an affordable price point. You can find the Yamaha CLP 735 for £1799 at Broughton Pianos or more. However, the price is under £4000.

Is the Yamaha CLP-735 a good piano?

Take in the strength and subtlety of Yamaha's greatest realistic Clavinovas yet. The CLP-735 brings not one but two of the world's most outstanding popular concert grand pianos at your disposal: the famous Yamaha CFX and the venerable Bosendorfer Imperial concert grand piano. Clavinova's new fortepiano Voices - just a few of the 38 great sounds included in the CLP-735 Yamaha Clavinova - bring classical music to life with incredible realism. Play along with the built-in rhythmic sequences and use the built-in USB audio recorder to capture your performances. Using headphones, you can practice anytime you wish.

Where is the Yamaha CLP-735 made?

Japan. Vertical pianos with a height of 48 inches or more are made in Japan. Yamaha's state-of-the-art plant in Indonesia manufactures vertical pianos 48" and under. Yamaha pianos draw on its extensive experience with acoustic pianos to create the Clavinova digital and hybrid pianos.