Yamaha CFX Grand Piano

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Yamaha CFX Grand Piano

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The CFX has become the ambassador for all of Yamaha's pianos. It can be found at countless international competitions, shows, concert venues and conservatoires. Drawing together all of Yamaha's principals for improvement and a bank of knowledge and experience ranging 100 years in the industry, the incredible fusion of tradition and technology gives the CFX an imposing sense of grandeur which has been created by some of the world's greatest designers. It is this basis that has led to the creation of such a fine instrument, which has won the backing of many world famous virtuosos, such as Elton John and Jamie Cullum. Every detail of the CFX has been custom designed by Yamaha following the advice of their catalogue of maestros, as well as their experienced artisans and craftsmen, to create the perfectly rounded concert grand. The soundboard, ribs, bridges, hammers and pins are all created especially for the CFX, leading to a transcendental sound with intense tone coloration throughout the entirety of the instrument. The expressive control and broad dynamic range of the CFX is founded on a resonant base and mid-range in perfect harmony with dazzling treble. At 9ft long, this piano has become a bastion for the Yamaha range. Regarded by many as a work of art, as well as a fine musical instrument, the CFX demands attention on any stage, providing the volume to fill a concert venue. It is capable of taking the lead in any performance, or can fit effortlessly into any ensemble, superseding any other piano on the market. The pinnacle of piano ownership.

Additional Information

Height 103cm (3'5")
Width No
Length 275cm (9')
Weight No
Number of Keys 88
Number of Pedals 3