DS4BBM4PROPE Premium Disklavier Grand Piano

DS4BBM4PROPE Premium Disklavier Grand Piano

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The S4's superb sound quality is founded in the pride Yamaha takes in its instruments. The careful selection of well-seasoned spruce for the soundboards ensures superior clarity. The perfectly balanced strings and frame, created by artisans at Yamaha's factories, in conjunction with precision hammer felting establishes a pure, rich tone. Hand adjustments which take place at the point of tuning and voicing result in a sound quality rarely exceeded by any other pianos. The S4's sizes gives a strength and finesse unrivalled by other grand pianos. Their handcrafted bodies have resulted in a large volume range as well as an intricate sound quality. These pianos are perfect for the accomplished pianist and are suitable for either home practice or recitals in small to medium sized venues. This versatility and their close ties to the CFX Concert Grand, makes them the best choice for those wanting to play a top of the range piano. This instrument comes fitted with the Yamaha Disklavier E3 System, for the ultimate piano experience

Additional Information

Height 101cm (3'4")
Width 150cm (4'11")
Length 191cm (6'3")
Weight 364kg (802lbs)
Number of Keys 88
Number of Pedals 3