The Novus NV10S versus the K300 AURES2-which Kawai Hybrid Piano is for me?

21st June 2023

Categories: Digital

So you've decided you want a piano and your budget lands you in a place where you could choose between two different hybrid pianos with the same price. Those two pianos being the Kawai Novus NV10S and the Kawai K300 AURES2 upright piano. You may be wondering why these two pianos are priced exactly the same and how you go about deciding which one suits your needs.

Well it's best to start by exploring the pros and cons of each instrument to help build a well informed comparison between the two! As we also look into the similarities and differences you will begin to see just how much these pianos have to offer, so long as you choose a piano that is suitable for its intended purposes.

NV10S: Pros

Let's start with the Kawai Novus NV10S! This piano comes in a sleek and modern design, and the back of the piano mimics the appearance of a very short grand piano with only a depth of 65cm. It combines the look and feel of an acoustic grand piano with the advanced technology of a digital instrument.

The part of this piano that makes it "hybrid" is the type of piano action inside. The NV10S has a Grand piano action which is great for pianists who perform on grand pianos and need to practice on keys that have the same responsiveness as a grand and give them the same high level of control.

The Grand Feel wooden-key keyboard action, is meticulously designed to replicate the touch and responsiveness of an acoustic grand piano with it's extended pivot length. It incorporates graded hammer weighting, ivory and ebony-like key surfaces, and triple-sensor key detection, providing enhanced expressiveness and control.

With the NV10S, you can also play silently by plugging your headphones in any time. Despite the fact that this is not an acoustic piano, you will still have the renowned SK-EX concert grand piano sound sampled from Kawai's flagship acoustic grand piano.

NV10S: Cons

Even though the NV10S delivers high-fidelity sound through a powerful 7-speaker output system, there is still less amplification from the speakers when compared to the natural amplification from the K300 AURES2 with its traditional acoustic soundboard. The NV10S also only generates digital sounds.

So whether you choose the NV10S piano or not, mostly depends on how much you need a grand piano action and how much you value a louder acoustic piano sound. If you desperately need a grand piano action within a piano that also allows you to play silently and your budget falls around the price of this piano, then this is could be a great option. However, if the real acoustic piano playing experience is what you are after and the action is less of a priority, then perhaps consider the K300 AURES2 upright piano.

K300 AURES2: Pros

With the K300 AURES2, you have access to both digital sounds and the acoustic piano as well as being able to play with headphones. These features combine to make this an incredibly versatile hybrid piano that we now know as a TransAcoustic piano.

These amazing pianos use transducers built onto the soundboard to convert digital signals into vibrations that are then amplified by the soundboard, giving the piano a more authentic sound. Because you can play with digital sounds, you can also control the volume. You can also play the acoustic piano along with instrumental backings amplified by the pianos soundboard. Of course you can still play the acoustic piano in the usual way, without any digital influence, when you are not in TransAcoustic mode.

The K300 AURES2 also retains the traditional appearance of an acoustic piano, with an elegant cabinet and a full-size keyboard. If you want to play to a small audience in a small room such as your living room, or to a teacher in a practice room, then the K300 AURES2 could be a brilliant option because of the volume and projection it provides. The K300 AURES2 will offer you true richness of tone and depth of sound.

K300 AURES2: Cons

The main feature missing from the K300 AURES2, is the grand piano action-but if you are happy to spend most of your time on an upright piano and feel that you would benefit from the TransAcoustic features, then this piano could be a good choice for you. The K300 still incorporates the Millenium III piano action, and even though this is no match to a grand piano action, it is still a high quality Ultra-Responsive Action offering fantastic control. However, if you are used to regularly performing on grand pianos and feel that playing an upright piano action would restrict your playing potential, then the Novus NV10S may be a better choice.

Overall, there are so many good things about each of these pianos, and both the NV10S and the K300 AURES2 have MIDI and Bluetooth features as well as plenty of effects, sounds and virtual technician adjustments-so you will not be short of these digital functions with either instrument. Both of these hybrid pianos offer silent piano playing features as well.

Which instrument you go for, really is down to your own preferences about the kind of action you want (grand or upright), whether you are prepared to be limited to digital sounds only or not, and whether a piano that provides greater volume is more important to you than having a grand piano action. It also depends on how much space you have as the NV10S is a few cm larger in depth than the K-300 AURES2.

So carefully consider what you really intend to use your piano for and where you are going to keep it. Is it primarily for practicing? Or do you want to perform to a small audience? Do you often perform on grand pianos? Once you understand the differences between these two pianos and can answer these questions, you are likely to be on the right track when choosing the piano that is most suitable for you!