What makes Kawai's K200 upright piano so popular?

16th August 2021

Categories: Acoustic

The Kawai K200 is one of the most popular upright pianos, and this needs in-depth analysis to show why it is this popular. The K200 has a cabinet size that is suitable for smaller studios while still producing a highly rich tone that is suitable for all types of music. It is made of high-quality materials and is meticulously built. You are making a worthwhile decision on a quality instrument when you purchase the Kawai K200. It will provide you with years of enjoyable playing.

The Kawai K200 dimensions and weight

The K-200 Professional Upright Piano, with its 45-inch height and excellent touch as well as tone, is a great option for the home, teaching studio, or small music venue.

The K-200 features the groundbreaking Kawai Millennium III Upright Action, which provides an incredibly responsive touch that allows pianists to express themselves musically. The K-200's high-quality soundboard, constructed of solid spruce and trimmed to enhance the K-200's tone-producing capabilities, allows for richness and purity of tone.

  • 45" in height (114 cm)
  • 59" in width (149 cm)
  • 22.5” depth (57 cm)
  • 459 lbs weight

The Kawai K200 features

The K-200 delivers the reliability and character necessary to delight any playing pianist, from the beginner to the skilled professional, with exceptional tone and touch in a 114-centimetre frame.

Millennium III upright action

Aspects of the Millennium III Upright Action are ABS-Carbon, a composite material produced by infusing carbon fibre into the highly regarded ABS Styrian. ABS-Carbon is extremely strong and rigid, allowing for the creation of softer response sections without sacrificing strength. Hence, the action is stronger and quicker, with far more force, grip, precision, and stability compared to the traditional all-wood actions.

Mahogany wood core and T-stapled, double felted hammers

Light and sensitive, mahogany hammer mouldings are a great choice. The hammer mouldings on the whole range of K Series Professional Upright Pianos are made of mahogany, which is present only on the best pianos. All K Series hammers include an additional internal layer of underfelt to promote the development of excellent tone and are T-Stapled to keep the hammer form.

Solid spruce soundboard

The core of a piano is its soundboard. Its job is to turn the piano's string movements into a rich, resonant tone. For the K Series soundboards, Kawai only utilizes straight-grained, quartersawn solid spruce. Every soundboard is tapered in a certain way to optimize its capacity to produce tones.

For usage in most professional upright pianos, and those that meet or surpass the high-quality requirements are chosen.


Steel-Reinforced Keyslip

The key slip on a piano is a long, horizontally arranged piece of wood that covers the keys' front surface. A key slip can stretch or flex due to changes in humidity since it is long, narrow, and constructed of wood. This causes keys to stick. To avoid bending and twisting in any way, a heavy-gauge steel angle iron is added to solve the problem. The keys travel more easily, and there's almost no chance of their touching or clinging to the key slip.

Keybed and Braces

The piano’s keybed should be robust and solid to sustain the action assembly and preserve action control throughout years of hard use. K Series keybeds are built with durable laminated hardwoods and strengthened by rear bracing on the iron frame that aids to assure secure installation and offer stiffness to minimize energy loss.

Why choose the Kawai K200?

Reliability and superior sound quality

The tone quality, as well as the performance of the K Series upright pianos, are comparable to that of numerous grand pianos. The K Series models are ideal for concert halls, schools, as well as other institutions due to their durable construction that will provide decades of consistent quality.

Millennium III Action featuring ABS-Carbon Action Parts

The Millennium III Action is currently found on the majority of the grand pianos. The achievement in several global piano competitions across the world attests to the popularity of this action. The attention is also focused on designing the Millennium III action for upright pianos. Therefore, the new "K-Series" models have a robust, accurate, and powerful action.

ABS-Carbon is produced by infusing carbon into the existing ABS Styrian, is used in the Millennium III Action. ABS-Carbon is extremely strong and rigid, allowing Kawai to reduce the weight of the action sections without sacrificing strength.

The Millennium III Action's lightweight design allows the player to move quickly and effortlessly. The response and repetition are excellent.

To fulfil the high requirement of the skilled pianist, every minute detail of the action was meticulously examined. The introduction of tiny surface roughness to the jack at the spot where it contacts the hammer was a perfect illustration of this endeavour. The outcome of this small but significant change is a significant increase in control when playing pianissimo.

New Cabinet Design

A new design has been created to give the pianos a more elegant appearance. Take note of the pianos' intricacies and the new wooden design features. To make the pianos sparkle, even more, wood is utilized. In comparison to earlier versions, new edge forms and a slew of other structural features have been included.

  • All variants have a longer music rack.
  • A new soft-falling system has been implemented.

"Soft Fall" Fallboard

Soft Fall" is a piano closing method that saves hands, fingers, and the piano's polish from damage caused by an abrupt close.

Non-lead weighted Keys

To be more eco-friendly, manufacturers of the Kawai k200 make use of weighted keys that are not made of lead. The weight of keys has been altered from lead to iron. Kawai's new K-Series is a refreshing departure. This new K-Series is not only a successor to the K-18, 25, 50, 60, and 80 but is also a "Full Model Change."

Easily record your piano performance to CD

Do you wish to make a CD of your piano performance? If so, it is very simple to use the extra KAWAI Recording System PR-1, and the recording quality is excellent.

How much is the Kawai k200?

K-200 has a starting price of £4,399, and moves upwards to £4799 in polished mahogany, polished white, and dark walnut satin which we currently have in stock at the moment. This piano has a fantastic tone as well as a fantastic touch. It also features a 45" frame, which provides the dependability and character that every pianist, whether a novice or an expert, demands.

Tone and Touch

Most pianists would just respond, "Good, but how does it play?" at this point. 'We can confidently state that all of the abovementioned engineering and technology work in tandem to produce a highly satisfying playing experience.' The warm sound of the Kawai K200 creates clarity in all ranges, with ringing bass, lyrical mids, and dazzling trebles. Surprisingly, you get the impression that each key has multiple tones accessible to you, and not the same note played louder. This is especially noticeable in the trebles, in which the tone may be dazzling and distinct when played loudly, yet more delicate and almost milky in quality when played softly.

The motion is certainly fast and responsive. It's hard to call it a medium action because it feels like a lighter touch piano at times during quicker parts. This is unquestionably due to the Millenium III action's design and materials. It's a lot of fun to experiment and feel like you have a lot of different textures and colours at your disposal. When you initially play on the NEOTEX surface, it seems a little strange, but you quickly grow used to it and appreciate the delicate amount of control it provides.


The K200 is one of the greatest pianos available on the market for its size and price; it is a very excellent piano that would be considered a smart investment if you were to buy it; it has numerous characteristics that each pianist requires. It's also well-constructed.