What makes C.Bechstein pianos so special?

11th August 2020

Categories: Acoustic

There are some investments you make that you know will last a lifetime and a C.Bechstein piano is one of them.

Certain instruments have a standing and class that ensures that enthusiasts are most definitely aware of them.

Such a name is usually earned through hard work, high standards and dedication.

And nowhere is this more apparent than in the development of C.Bechstein pianos.

What is the history of C.Bechstein Pianos?

Germany has a long and proud history of making pianos of distinction, including C.Bechsteins. Founded in 1853 in Berlin by namesake Carl Bechstein, the pianos were created to be worthy instruments of the great musicians of the day, including Liszt.

This commitment to quality has spanned the centuries and a C.Bechstein grand piano is one of the most highly regarded musical instruments.

Still manufactured in Germany from a base in Saxony, C.Bechstein pianos are made with the finest materials to deliver exceptional quality.

Why choose a C.Bechstein Piano?

An investment in a C.Bechstein piano is an investment in yourself and can bring you a lifetime of reward. You have, after all, earned it with years of dedication to learning, practicing, and playing.

C.Bechstein pianos boast:

  • A beautiful voice
  • An exceptional, smooth action
  • State of the art technology mixed with traditional quality
  • Excellent volume
  • Brass fittings
  • Timeless design

What models are available

With both grand pianos and upright pianos created by C.Bechstein the world is your oyster when choosing an instrument.

Options that are available from Broughton Pianos, in the West Midlands, ranging from a compact academy upright to the imposing C.Bechstein D282 grand piano.

With models available in classic black, luxury walnut, and minimalist white, there is a C.Bechstein piano to suit every taste.

Upright C.Bechstein pianos include academy and professional standard models that will bring the best out in every player. The C.Bechstein Concert 8 upright piano as an example is a professional piano that reaches the very highest aspirations.

Specialising in high-end models, a variety of C.Bechstein grand pianos are available. Academy pianos such as the A160 make owning a C.Bechstein grand piano attainable for people living in apartments, or who have a limited amount of space.

At the other end of the scale, years of dedication are put into handcrafting the impressive D282 – a concert grand piano that has a mesmerising power and commands a large space.

Where to buy a C.Bechstein Piano?

Broughton Pianos has an enviable range of pianos on display at its showrooms in Stourbridge, including a number of C.Bechstein models.

To get a taste of the superior sound and action that these luxury models deliver see for yourself first-hand.

Broughton Pianos understand the complexities of choosing a piano that is right for the player – and that a piano such as a C.Bechstein represents a significant investment.

That investment, however, will deliver a lifetime of joy when playing a truly beautiful instrument.

Move closer to your dream of owning a C.Bechstein piano and get in contact with Broughton Pianos to book an appointment to visit our showroom, or to find out more information about specific models and availability.