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We stock the largest supply of Grand Pianos in the Midlands.

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Why choose a Grand Piano?

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A grand piano provides the perfect centrepiece to any home environment, not only offering the most demanding aesthetic, but also an astonishingly superior sound. The larger body of a grand piano gives it a fuller, more dynamic sound, which is maintained throughout the entire instrument from the treble to bass. They come in many sizes, meaning even modestly sized home environments can often house one. The strings are supported horizontally in a grand piano, as opposed to vertically in an upright, meaning they are of a longer length, and therefore resonate differently. Ownership of a grand piano can bring the essence of the concert hall into your living room. Here at Broughton Pianos we stock and display a wide range of pianos, including Upright Pianos and Digital Pianos for you to come and try, varying from baby grands for those economizing on space, through to concert grands, for those looking for the ultimate piano experience. We also stock a range of finishes from black polyester through to burl walnut, with and everything in between, meaning we will always have a piano to suit your décor.