Kawai ES110 Portable Piano Black, Keyboard Only with Chrome fittings

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Kawai ES110 Portable Piano Black, Keyboard Only with Chrome fittings

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The ES110 combines our class-leading authentic keyboard action and piano sound technologies within a lightweight, affordable package.

Kawai has been crafting musical instruments for 90 years, maintaining traditional processes while embracing the very latest technical innovations. These decades of experience afford our engineers a wealth of knowledge from which to create stunning digital instruments, in a quest to perfect the art of the piano.

Kawai ES110 Sound Technology

The ES100 is an advanced musical technology with class. It is suitable for beginners and a beautiful preamble to Kawai's digital pianos. It is a combination of keyboard and original piano sound technologies on light and straightforward board.

It is excellent for mobile studios and solo mobile performers.

The Kawai ES110 has sophisticated features but still easy to work with. It has a keyboard with 88 keys with an AHAIV-F Granded-Hammer action. It has both dual and split mode with a responsive hammer compact action that allows split playing, 19 sounds, including 8 exceptional sound that gives it the magic of the best beginning samples.

Suppose that wasn't enough for the beginner. In that case, the Kawai ES100 comprises a built-in Alfred's basic piano lessons with a built-in stereo speaker system that gives it the studio nature it encompasses. It has a height of 14.5 cm, a width of 131.2 cm swallowed in a depth of 28.6 cm. It has a pair of headphone jacks, standard midi ports, Bluetooth connectivity, connecting smart devices wirelessly.

As small as it is compared to the grand piano, the Kawai es100 is an excellent stage piano that is ideal for gigging musicians. With its 5-year manufacturer's warranty, you can be guaranteed this digital generation's best sound technology.

Kawai ES110 Realistic Touch and Natural Motion

The grand piano has been reduced to the Kawai ES100 while still maintaining its traditional consistent upward and downward motion.

The hybrid is a revolutionary digital piano with an 88 key piano sampling integrated Bluetooth midi. The es100 digital piano is ideal for beginners. Its acoustic responsive hammer compact keyboard makes it suitable for an experienced player for it gives the natural feel of the grand piano.

Bluetooth Connect with the Kawai ES110

In the digital era, Bluetooth connection has become essential for all musical technologies. Just like any advanced music technology, in addition to standard midi connection, the ES110 also boasts integrated Bluetooth MIDI. This is another feature that gives this harmonic imaging sound technology its beauty. It can be connected to other apps without the need to use cables. The only cable could be the power supply.

You can wirelessly connect the Kawai ES100 to your laptop, iPad, phone or tablet with ease. Once you are connected to a supported device, you can all do your musical magic with all music-related apps essential to enhancing your piano sounds.

Are Kawai digital pianos good?

With their built-in Alfred's basic piano lessons, their Bluetooth connectivity, lightweight and smaller size, Kawai digital pianos are perfect for both the beginner and experienced player. They have a harmonic imaging sound technology borrowed from concert grand piano. Their f 10h pedal, damper resonance, drum rhythms installed in dual mode puts in motion for a smooth piano playing experience.

The ES110 is good considering that its weight is ideal for any gigging musician who loves working with a portable instrument like a keyboard for authentic touch and high-quality sounds. This digital piano is a darling to such artists. The Kawai es110 digital has dedicated line out jacks for direct connection to mixers and PAs, while still allowing built-in speakers to function.

Finally, the punchline for this digital piano lies in the fact that it has a built-in lesson function, with a sheet music layout and song recorder. This makes it perfect for beginners. On the other hand, borrowed from the traditional grand piano, additional instrument voices, f 10h damper pedal, triple pedal and 100 drum rhythms with fall back noise of the new responsive hammer of the harmonic imaging technology gives room to old school veterans to free their creative souls on the keys.

Kawai digital pianos are perfect for the generation's music rest.

How long do Kawai digital pianos last?

Kawai digital pianos have been developed by technicians who have crafted musical instruments for over 90 years. These harmonic imaging 88 key portable digital pianos have a manufacturer's warranty of 5 years.

No matter how durable any musical instrument can be built, with continuous playing, it wears out. This is the same with Kawai pianos. They have a life span of 20 to 30 years.

After this period, there are chances that the instrument will get a fault or have technical problems.

On the issue of wood, there have been differences in durability regarding the climatic humidity of the particular region. In dry climates, the wood will not last longer than in more humid climates. There have been many issues regarding the wood seasoning of the Kawai pianos were by moving from one season to the other led to early fall off the wood.

When it comes to warranty from authentic and legit sellers, there's a 10 years window that is given. That's enough guarantee for an instrument of a lifespan of not less than 20 years.

Is a digital piano suitable for beginners?

A digital piano is a modern version of an acoustic piano. While acoustic pianos use steel strings and hammers to produce sound, the digital piano makes sound digitally; it has the recording of the notes as played on an acoustic piano that plays when you press the key.

A digital piano is excellent for beginners as long as you buy one with 88 weighted keys. If you choose one without weighted keys, you may have difficulty transferring to the acoustic piano.

As a beginner, it's normal to feel intimidated by the large acoustic pianos and the difficulties that come with them. On the other hand, digital pianos are an excellent substitute for acoustic ones. Therefore, learning on a digital piano is the best thing to do; it is easier to use and not too complicated.

There are three types of digital pianos, grand piano, upright piano, and portable piano. However, there are factors you need to consider in a digital piano as a beginner; these factors include:

Weighted keys: As a learner, it's advised to choose a digital piano with weighted keys. When you're ready, it will help you transfer to the acoustic piano without any difficulties.

The number of keys: Digital pianos have a varying number of keys; some have 61 keys, some76 or 88.

Response: The higher you press the keys of an acoustic piano, the higher the sound. Most Digital pianos copied this effect, but some don't. Avoid buying those.

Sound quality: Choose a digital piano that produces high-quality sound, that's what a good piano does.

Specifcations and Terms

Height (cm)15
Width (cm)131
Depth (cm)29
Weight (kg)131.2
Number of Keys88
Number of Pedals0
Number of Voices19
Note Polyphony192
USB Functionality1
MIDI in/out1
Lesson Function1
Virtual Technician1
Concert Magic0
Four Hand Mode0

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FREE Acoustic Piano delivery & installation (Upright and Grand pianos)

All acoustic pianos installed on a ground floor location (no steps) are delivered and installed free of charge within the UK, excluding Northern Ireland.

Digital piano delivery - Flatpack to doorstep, weekdays only between 8am-6pm

Option 1) FREE delivery up to 50 miles
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Upstairs delivery:

In the event that your new piano needs to be delivered upstairs we would require pictures and measurements to be emailed into our sales team ([email protected]). We would then calculate an upstairs delivery quotation for you. In some local cases we may request to come and view the access to make sure the piano will fit round tight corners in a staircase.

Home assembly required:

If you have purchased an instrument from our digital piano range and not selected the ‘Premium Delivery Service’ then the instrument will be arriving in a flatpack box and will require self-assembly.

The assembly of most digital pianos will take you around a minimum of 1 hour. We strongly recommend that you have two people present during the assembly. Instructions of assembly will be located inside flatpack box.

Here at Broughton Pianos every instrument is checked by our fully qualified piano technicians before leaving for delivery, this ensures all of customers are 100% satisfied. In the unlikely event of an item being faulty or not suiting the acoustics of room its being kept in we will assess the situation in a neutral manner and reach an agreement to suit all. Broughton Pianos does not accept any returns for unfaulty goods after the statutory period. We use the discretion of our professional piano technicians to determine if an instrument is faulty. If a change of mind occurs we do our best to find an alternative instrument.

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