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Yamaha CLP-875 Clavinova Black Walnut with Chrome fittings

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Yamaha CLP-875 Clavinova Black Walnut with Chrome fittings

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The Yamaha CLP-875 is a premium digital piano that combines advanced sampling technology, a realistic GrandTouch keyboard, and elegant design to provide an authentic grand piano experience.

The Yamaha CLP-875 is a top-tier digital piano designed to deliver an unparalleled playing experience, blending cutting-edge technology with traditional piano craftsmanship. It features the GrandTouch keyboard with synthetic ebony and ivory keytops and wooden white keys, providing an authentic tactile feel. The escapement mechanism and 88-key Linear Graded Hammers offer a realistic touch response, mimicking the nuanced dynamics of an acoustic grand piano. Equipped with the rich, resonant voices of the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial, enhanced by Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM), the CLP-875 produces an incredibly lifelike sound. Its powerful speaker system ensures an immersive auditory experience, while Bluetooth connectivity and integration with the SmartPianist app add modern convenience and versatility. The CLP-875 stands out as a sophisticated instrument, ideal for both professional musicians and serious enthusiasts seeking the finest in digital piano performance.

Choice Of Colour Options

The CLP875 is available in five different cabinet finishes: Black Walnut, Rosewood, White, White Birch, or the popular high-gloss Polished Ebony.

Yamaha GrandTouch™ keyboard

The GrandTouch keyboard with synthetic ebony and ivory keytops, featuring wooden white keys, escapement, and 88-key Linear Graded Hammers, offers a remarkably authentic piano-playing experience. The synthetic ebony and ivory keytops provide a tactile surface that mimics the texture and moisture-absorbing properties of natural keys, ensuring a comfortable and non-slip feel. The wooden white keys enhance the natural touch, delivering a balanced and responsive action. The escapement mechanism recreates the subtle click felt when pressing keys lightly, just like in an acoustic grand piano, allowing for delicate, nuanced play. The 88-key Linear Graded Hammers system ensures that each key has a unique weight, replicating the heavier feel of bass notes and the lighter touch of treble notes, providing an even more realistic and expressive performance. This combination of features makes the GrandTouch keyboard a superb choice for pianists seeking both precision and authenticity in a digital instrument.

CFX & Bosendorfer Piano Voices

The Yamaha Clavinova pianos feature the exquisite voices of two of the world's most renowned grand pianos: the Yamaha CFX and the Bösendorfer Imperial. The Yamaha CFX, known for its bright, powerful sound, provides a rich tonal palette with exceptional clarity and resonance, making it ideal for a wide range of musical genres. On the other hand, the Bösendorfer Imperial, with its warm, lush tones, offers a distinctly Viennese character, perfect for classical compositions and nuanced performances. These meticulously sampled voices bring the authentic sound and expressive capabilities of these legendary instruments into the digital realm, allowing Clavinova players to experience the grandeur and subtlety of two iconic pianos in one versatile instrument.

In total, the CLP875 offers a choice of thirty-eight different instrument voices, any two of which can be layered together in 'Dual Voice' mode.

Grand Expression Modelling

Yamaha Grand Expression Modelling is a technology that makes digital pianos feel and sound more like real grand pianos. Imagine playing a piano and being able to hear and feel the subtle differences in sound depending on how hard or soft you press the keys. This technology captures those nuances, so when you play, it responds just like an acoustic grand piano would. It recreates the intricate details of how the hammers, strings, and pedals interact in a real piano, making the experience more realistic and expressive. Essentially, it helps digital pianos mimic the touch and sound of a traditional grand piano, giving you a richer and more authentic playing experience.

Yamaha GrandTouch pedals

Yamaha GrandTouch pedals on Clavinova pianos offer a realistic feel and dynamic control, closely mimicking the response of acoustic grand piano pedals. They enable precise control over sustain, allowing for varied note-holding and nuanced expression, which supports advanced playing techniques and intricate performances. These pedals enhance the overall expressive range, ensuring consistent, high-quality performance over time. This makes the Clavinova an excellent choice for both practice and professional use, providing an authentic and satisfying playing experience.

GP Response Damper Pedal

The Yamaha GP Response Damper Pedal is an advanced pedal mechanism designed to replicate the nuanced feel and response of a grand piano's damper pedal. This innovative feature provides variable resistance, meaning the pedal responds differently depending on how much pressure is applied, just like an acoustic grand piano. This allows pianists to execute half-pedalling and other intricate techniques with precision, offering greater control over sustain and resonance. By mimicking the mechanical characteristics of a grand piano pedal, the GP Response Damper Pedal enhances the expressive capabilities of digital pianos, providing a more authentic and dynamic playing experience.

Virtual Resonance Modeling

Yamaha's Improved VRM (Virtual Resonance Modeling) is an advanced technology that enhances the realism of digital pianos by replicating the complex resonances and interactions found in acoustic pianos. In an acoustic piano, when you press a key, not only does that string vibrate, but it also causes sympathetic vibrations in other strings and the soundboard, creating a rich, resonant sound. Improved VRM simulates these interactions, allowing for a more dynamic and expressive playing experience. It takes into account factors like the timing and intensity of key presses and pedal usage, generating authentic reverberations and tonal variations. This results in a more natural and immersive sound, closely mimicking the experience of playing a high-quality acoustic grand piano.

A fully immersive concert grand experience - even with headphones

The CLP-875 features binaural samples of the Yamaha CFX and Bosendorfer pianos. Binaural sampling is a method of sampling in which special microphones are placed on a mannequin’s head in the same positions as the pianist’s ears to capture piano sounds the way that they sound in reality. Yamaha chose this method to create the ambience and full, natural resonance of acoustic pianos in Clavinova pianos. This makes pianists feel as though they are sitting at a grand piano, even when they play with headphones on. The experience is so pleasant that they forget they are wearing headphones, no matter how long they continue to play.

Yamaha also developed the Stereophonic Optimizer function to achieve the same effect for the piano effects. Stereophonic Optimizer technology replicates the natural diffusion of sound in headphones nearly as closely as binaural sampling for the piano voices other than the CFX.

16-track Song Recorder

The Yamaha 16-track song recorder in Clavinova pianos enhances practice, composition, and performance by allowing multilayered recordings, enabling complex arrangements directly on the piano. It supports detailed practice by letting you playback and analyze performances and is a valuable tool for composers to experiment with different sounds and arrangements. Conveniently, recorded tracks can be saved, transferred, and integrated into broader production setups. Additionally, it allows for the creation of backing tracks or accompaniments for live performances, adding depth and professionalism. This recorder significantly expands creative possibilities for musicians at all levels.

USB Audio Recorder

This feature enables musicians to capture their performances and practice sessions without the need for additional equipment, ensuring convenience and portability. The recorded files can be easily transferred to a computer for further editing, sharing, or archiving, making it ideal for students tracking their progress, teachers preparing lessons, and performers creating demos. Additionally, the ability to listen to recordings helps players analyze and improve their technique, fostering continuous learning and development.

Compatible With Yamaha 'Smart Pianist' App

The Yamaha SmartPianist app is a versatile and user-friendly tool designed to enhance the digital piano experience. Available for smartphones and tablets, it allows players to control their Yamaha digital piano with ease, offering features like adjusting settings, selecting voices, and recording performances. The app includes a wide range of built-in songs and sheet music and can even analyse songs from your music library to create chord charts, helping you play along with your favourite tunes. With its intuitive interface and powerful functionalities, the SmartPianist app makes learning, practising, and performing more interactive and enjoyable.

Free 3 Months Premium Access to flowkey App

When you purchase your new Yamaha digital piano, Yamaha is offering three months of FREE premium access to the music learning app Flowkey.

The Flowkey app is a helpful tool for anyone wanting to learn how to play the piano. It's like having a personal piano teacher on your phone or tablet. The app offers a huge library of songs that you can learn at your own pace. It listens as you play and gives you instant feedback, helping you improve quickly. With step-by-step tutorials and interactive lessons, Flowkey makes learning the piano fun and easy, whether you're a complete beginner or looking to brush up on your skills.

Yamaha CLP-875 Digital Piano

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The Yamaha CLP range is globally recognised as among the best digital pianos available. Meticulously crafted for exceptional performance, these instruments deliver pristine sound quality, setting industry standards. With precision engineering and advanced technology, Yamaha's CLP series offers an unparalleled musical experience. Ideal for both beginner and professional pianists, these pianos provide authentic touch and tone, enhancing your playing experience with every note.

Specifcations and Terms

Height (cm)47
Width (cm)145
Depth (cm)113
Weight (kg)71.0
Number of Keys88
Number of PedalsGrandTouchTM + GP Response Damper Pedal
Number of Voices38
Note Polyphony256
Recorder16 Track Recording
MIDI in/outUSB + Bluetooth® MIDI
Speakers(45W + 25W + 40W) x 2 amplifiers (16 cm + 8 cm + 2.5 cm (dome) with Bidirectional Horn) x 2 speaker
Lesson FunctionFree Flowkey Premium for 3 Months
Virtual TechnicianYes
Concert MagicN/A
Four Hand ModeYes
Headphone JacksStandard stereo phone jack (x 2) Binaural Sampling of CFX & Bosendorfer voices
Key SurfaceGrandTouch™ keyboard: wooden keys (white only), synthetic ebony and ivory key tops, escapement

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