How do Grand Pianos vary in price?

13th July 2020

Categories: Acoustic

A grand piano is an aspirational instrument and it is the dream of many players to own one. Yet price and space can be an issue in looking to introduce one to your home. With numerous brands manufacturing grand pianos, a variety of different sizes available and a healthy market in second-hand models there is no way to offer a meaningful average price. Instead it is best to set a budget and see what you can get for the price you can afford that suits your tastes and playing style.

New Grand Pianos

A used Model M grand piano from the prestigious Steinway & Sons is available from Broughton Pianos for £39,000. In comparison the cheapest grand piano available on the Broughton Pianos website is an A Geyer GG-150 baby grand with a current asking price of £5,495.

Many new grand pianos are available on the Broughton Pianos website with the cost ranging from several thousand pounds up to £136,900 for a top-end C. Bechstein D282 concert grand piano.

Hailun, Kawai, W. Hoffman and Yamaha grand piano models are also available through the website – with Yamaha being the leading brand.

If you are looking for a smaller model it is possible to pick up a baby grand piano from Kawai for £8,199 – or you could splash out on a Steinway and Sons Model S for £36,000.

All of the grand pianos sold by Broughton Pianos are from respected brands that cater to different levels of players, with the price range for Yamaha alone stretching from £8,399 to £59,299.

Second-hand Grand Pianos

The beauty of the second-hand piano market is that it can make the piano of your dreams affordable. For example, if you have always dreamed of owning a prestigious C. Bechstein but a new model is out of your reach financially you may be lucky enough to find a second-hand model that you can afford.

Pianos are built to last and skilled technicians can breathe new life into old models, fine tuning the workings and tone to have pre-loved grand pianos sounding as good as new.

As a result of this commitment to top-quality refurbishment there is a healthy market in excellent second-hand models. Broughton Pianos has an extensive collection of used grand pianos from a diverse range of piano makers.

To illuminate how affordable buying a used model can make when buying a grand piano, with the Yamaha range a new C5X is currently available at £28,319 – while a used Yamaha G5 grand piano is available at a cost of £13,500.

Find the perfect grand piano for you

At the end of the day, the choice is down to personal preference and it is well worth searching the grand pianos, both used and new, that are available on Broughton Pianos’ website. Customers are also encouraged to visit the large showroom to discover first-hand the sound and touch of the grand piano they are interested in.

Broughton Pianos boasts the largest collection of grand pianos in the West Midlands with a 5-year warranty available on used models to give buyers peace of mind.

Discover the perfect grand piano online through our comprehensive website, or get in touch with Broughton Pianos to make an appointment to visit our showroom – your dream of owning a grand piano may be closer than you think.