Know the brand: Kawai pianos

20th January 2020

Categories: Acoustic

Kawai is a major name in pianos, manufacturing acoustic uprights, digital and grand pianos.

With sleek styling and a wide budget range the brand has won over many fans from beginners to classical pianists.

This Japanese brand actually has its origins tied to another famous Japanese brand – Yamaha – with the founder Koichi Kawai having served an apprenticeship under his neighbour who was none other than Torakusu Yamaha.

Koichi Kawai eventually set up what would become Kawai pianos in 1927, putting in place the beginnings of a brand that is still going from strength to strength more than 90 years later.

Kawai has established a reputation for robust pianos that maintain an excellent level of sound even through heavy use. The brand is frequently named among the world’s favourite piano brands, giving customers peace of mind that they have made the right decision in choosing to invest in this brand.

Kawai grand pianos

Kawai has concentrated on improving the materials used within its pianos to maximise the sound and durability of its instruments.

This is a particular benefit in its grand pianos which deliver an excellent sound as well as a high level of reliability that is important when considering an investment in a grand piano.

Using the material ABS carbon in the action of its pianos allows Kawai pianos to maintain a consistency in sound – and gives players confidence. In a theatre or studio this is a particular benefit and is one of the reasons for the popularity of Kawai grand pianos.

The dedication to excellence through innovation and considering fresh materials and approaches has made Kawai grand pianos and Kawai baby grand pianos an excellent choice thanks to their responsiveness and playability.

Kawai upright pianos

Kawai upright pianos make a good investment for players intent on progressing their playing. With a sound and responsiveness that will quickly encourage keen amateurs to develop and continue to play, many Kawai models will become a trusty companion.

A major plus point in adding a Kawai upright piano to your home is its looks. Attractively built and with a stylish simplicity they will compliment any room in the home without being overpowering.

With this in mind it is not necessarily a surprise that one of the most popular Kawai upright pianos is the K15-E. With a compact size but a strong sound complimented by Kawai’s trademark reliability, this model delivers excellent quality at an affordable price.

And it is perhaps this that underlines what Kawai represents – quality that you can trust. With a notable commitment to making the most of the materials used in piano production Kawai upright pianos, as well as Kawai grand pianos promise reliable excellence.

Kawai pianos for sale at Broughton Pianos, UK

Broughton Pianos sell a range of Kawai upright pianos along with Kawai grand pianos and Kawai digital pianos.

With both used and new models available our staff will be able to help you find the ideal Kawai piano for you.

To discuss any of the pianos that we have in stock, or to find out more about visiting our Stourbridge showroom please get in touch.