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Kawai K300 Upright Piano

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The Kawai K-300 ATX3 is the next generation of Kawai Anytime Silent Pianos. Equipped with an acoustic muting feature the Kawai K-300 ATX3 has the added benefit of allowing you to play silently, with headphones, making it the ideal upright piano you can play at anytime, anywhere.

Kawai have successfully combined operational technology and award-winning craftsmanship to produce an instrument that delivers exceptional digital and acoustic performances. The Kawai brand was named acoustic piano of the year for multiple years by Musical Merchandise Review Magazine. They are known for creating only the finest pianos with exceptional tone that makes playing easier for professional and novice players alike.

The Kawai K-300 ATX3 allows full digital flexibility by incorporating both the elements of a powerful digital audio component with an acoustic muting feature which enables the feeling of playing a traditional acoustic piano whilst playing silently, in privacy, with the newly developed Kawai SH-9 headphones that are matched to the internal sound source of the piano.

Through the use of Kawai's Harmonic Imaging XL technology, the K-300 ATX3 offers an array of alternative acoustic piano sounds and a fantastic selection of additional instrument voices with sounds ranging from electric pianos to strings and human choirs.

Furthermore, the Kawai K-300 ATX3 includes Kawai's Millennium III keyboard action which incorporates the latest materials combining ABS Carbon materials. The ABS-Carbon compound is incredibly rigid and lightweight and ensures the keyboard action has increased durability, improved control and responsiveness and is less prone to degradation over time.

Acoustic piano sounds brought to life

Offering outstanding tone and dynamic range that is second to none, Kawai have developed SK-EX Rendering; a new piano sound engine that successfully blends 88-key sampling, multi-channel with the latest resonance modelling technology. The digital sound engine reproduces the sound of the world recognised Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano when the instrument is muted.

The entire line of K Series professional upright pianos offers the distinguished legacy of instruments that went before it. This includes the conventional all wood actions paired with the three aluminum action brackets. The K Series soundboards are made from straightgrained, quartersawn solid spruce which helps to maximise the tone producing capability.

The sensation experienced when the hammers hit the piano's strings is often diminished by traditional piano silencing techniques. This is due to the sensors being located below the keyboard. With the Kawai K300, the sensors are integrated within the fine workings of the piano, allowing for improved reading of the piano's strings. The Integrated Hammer Sensing System also allows for greater nuance in the reading of key strokes.

K Series Professional upright pianos

This model boasts an integrated lesson function and offers full digital convenience due to its full-colour 5” touchscreen that enables settings and sounds to be selected simply through the swipe or tap of a finger. This instrument is part of the range that has been able to successfully integrate sensors within the working of the piano action. The result? It reads the exact movements of each hammer. This replicates the sensations of playing a real acoustic piano, but with all of the benefits found in professional upright pianos.

Equipped with a dual playing mode, the Kawai K-300 ATX3 allows two different sounds to be layered simultaneously while the split and 4Hands playing modes divide the keyboard into two independent sections, making it a fantastic teaching instrument.

The Kawai K-300 ATX3 also boasts a solid spruce soundboard and mahogany hammers which ensure this exceptional hybrid instrument delivers an outstanding acoustic and digital performance. Another key feature of the Kawai K300 upright piano is the presence of ABS carbon composites. ABS carbon is a lightweight material made through the fusions of carbon fibre and renowned ABS Styran. This makes the piano action lighter, but it still retains the strength and stability of a traditional upright action.

Specifcations and Terms

Height (cm)122
Width (cm)149
Depth (cm)61
Weight (kg)227.0
Number of Keys88
Number of Pedals3

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose an upright piano?

An upright pianos is en excellent choice for home learning and for music schools. You can enjoy all of the sound quality of acoustic grand pianos, with the footprint of a much smaller instrument. From a purely practical perspective, it's also ideal for a ground floor location. If you need a piano delivered upstairs, you might need to consider a smaller or more portable design. Remember that moving a piano requires to you leave the strings to settle before having it retuned. So once you've found a spot for your upright piano, we recommend leaving it in its place.

Is the Kawai K300 upright piano good value?

The Kawai K300 is excellent value for money if you are looking for a quality digital piano with exceptional tone. Key features of this incredible digital piano include the Millennium III upright action, ABS carbon composites with die cast parts, the iconic K series soundboards with mahogany wood core, the popular 48" piano height and finally, the polished ebony case and the added bonus of digital convenience. Like its award winning predecessor – the Kawai K3 – the Kawai K300 series pianos feature extremely responsive touch, and incredibly sturdy core and the resounding tone you'd expect from a superior instrument.

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