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  1. Arius YDPV240 Digital Piano

    RRP: £1,466.00

    Our Price: £1,365.00

    The V240's Graded Hammer Standard keyboard (GHS), half pedal control and variable touch technology ensure the most acoustically authentic experience possible at this price point making it superb value for money. Beyond this, the host of digital features Yamaha have armed this piano with is simply incredible. The Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) facilitates fun, comprehensive learning, whilst the easy song arranger, Live!, Cool! And Sweet! Voices and Dynamic Stereo Sampling provide an almost comprehensive digital piano experience. A superb buy. Learn More
  2. CLP-525 Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano

    RRP: £1,204.00

    Our Price: £1,134.00

    The CLP-525 provides the perfect entry point to Yamaha?? Clavinova collection. Boasting the characteristic Yamaha digital sound quality and Real Grand Expression, and Graded Hammer 3 keyboard, authentic sound is married with authentic touch in order to create the perfect acoustic experience alongside the diverse expression the digital interface allows. Learn More
  3. CLP-535 Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano

    RRP: £1,563.00

    Our Price: £1,475.00

    Showcasing the Yamaha CFX Concert Grand and B?sendorfer Imperial samples, the CLP-535 provides an impressively comprehensive array of features. With their entire Clavinova range, Yamaha have sought to develop the authenticity of the digital piano experience. The CLP-535 is no exception to this rule, thanks to extensive sampling by technicians in Yamaha sound laboratories. The body of the CLP-535 has been carefully crafted to create the most authentic sound possible, with sound escapements in the frame creating an effect that fills any room with a realistic sound. The wide range of finishes available for this piano as well as it?s superb aesthetics make it perfect for any scenario. Learn More
  4. CLP-545 Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano

    RRP: £2,034.00

    Our Price: £1,919.00

    The CLP-545 is more than simply a digital piano. It is an expression of some of the great features Yamaha have now developed for their digital Clavinova series of pianos. In terms of hardware one of the strongest advantages it boasts over its sibling instruments is the Natural Wood X (NWX) keyboard, one of the closest representations of an acoustic action in a digital piano. Targeted more towards developing players; the difference in feel and playability -particularly those tiny nuances that give your sound it?s identity ? are more evident with this more advanced technology. The 545?s 2-way speakers also give this instrument a further edge over it?s cheaper counterparts, providing superb, rich bass balanced with a bright top and mid range sound quality ? a characteristic carried over from Yamaha?s range of acoustic instruments. Learn More
  5. Kawai CA 17 Digital Piano

    RRP: £1,699.00

    Our Price: £1,604.00

    The CA17 comprises the entry level to Kawai's Concert Artist series. Packed full of features such as the RM3 Grand II Keyboard action and ivory touch surfaces this is one of the most authentic digital pianos we have ever seen. Kawai have a long history in mastering the art of the acoustic piano. With the Concert Artist Series they have gone to great lengths to combine technology with tradition in a way that enhances the experience rather than distracting or detracting from it. The CA17's built in lesson functions also make this the perfect instrument for anyone looking to learn, as well as the experienced maestro. Learn More
  6. Kawai CN 27 Digital Piano

    RRP: £1,288.00

    Our Price: £1,129.00

    The compact CN27 features Kawai's Ivory Touch key surfaces and matte black tops. In conjunction with the Responsive Hammer Action III keyboard, a 192-note polyphony, and triple sensor key detection, this provides one of the most authentic piano playing experiences at the price point. Superb value for money and an excellent range of features focused on digital and acoustic playing styles make the CN27 a perfect option for any pianist. Learn More
  7. Kawai CN 37 Digital

    RRP: £1,577.00

    Our Price: £1,199.00

    The CN37 is absolutely packed full of features that make it a truly excellent instrument with the diversity to handle any pianists needs. Perfect for anyone from the learner (with it's extensive lesson modes) to the producer, with it's massive range of voices, drums and outputs, including MIDI and USB to any device and host. A seamless marriage of acoustic and digital technology, the CN37 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy a digital piano. Learn More
  8. Kawai CS 4 Digital Piano

    RRP: £1,549.00

    Our Price: £1,270.00

    Part of the Classic Series, with its elegant design, this piano provides any space with a new found sense of gravitas, bringing together KawaiÕs 80 years of experience in a fusion of technology meeting tradition. In order to fully appreciate the CS4, you must look beyond the highly polished black exterior and instead, toward the new Responsive Hammer II system, Ivory Touch Keys, Let-Off technology - to ensure ultra-realism in pianissimo play and a perfectly balanced keyboard, which cumulatively gives a sensation authentic to that of an acoustic piano. The sound of this piano is taken from the finest, Kawai EX Concert Grand, which, with Progressive Harmonic Imaging and a 96 note polyphony, ensuring a great depth and colour to the entire range, as well as smooth transition throughout the octaves. Learn More
  9. Kawai ES 8 Digital Piano

    RRP: £1,577.00

    Our Price: £1,419.00

    The ES8 is an excellent portable piano from Kawai. Its authentic feel and wide-ranging sound capabilities give it the required versatility for any travelling musician. Learn More
  10. Kawai MP 11 Stage Piano

    RRP: £2,111.00

    Our Price: £1,926.00

    Out of stock

    The Kawai MP 11 is one of the finest stage/portable digital pianos on the market. With its range of 27 customisable sounds as well as the USB facility for pre-saved set-ups, the MP 11 is capable of allowing any performer to flick between sounds and preferences easily and efficiently both on the stage and in practice. Its excellent finish means that it fits in easily into the home environment, elegantly complimenting any range of décor you may have already. Learn More

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Why choose a Digital Piano?


Digital pianos offer a diverse, compact usability that is difficult to find in any acoustic piano (unless it has been fitted with a silent system). we stock a range of digital pianos, catering not only for those seeking to increase the amount of features and sounds their piano is capable of, but also for those who need to occasionally transport their instrument (for say, people moving homes regularly, such as university students). We are recognized as a Kawai Selection Centre, thanks to the comprehensive range of Kawai digital pianos we have fully set up and ready for you to try. If you would like to access the features a digital piano affords you, whilst still owning an acoustic instrument, then please feel free to enquire about our retrofitted silent system or the Yamaha silent pianos. Or, for pianos capable of playing themselves, see the Disklavier system on offer for Yamaha pianos. 

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