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  1. A Geyer GU115

    This upright provides the perfect meeting point between compactness and quality. Built for the beginner, the GU-115 is easily capable of supporting any budding musician through their grades and towards piano mastery. Despite it?s size it does not sacrifice on quality. German scaling and design, alongside the careful selection of high quality materials and craftsmanship give this instrument a long-lasting quality rarely seen at this price range. Resonant bass notes accompanied by a bright top end give this instrument excellent balance and playability. A must for any beginner pianist on a budget. Learn More
  2. A Geyer GU123

    This Upright piano provides the perfect medium sized accoutrement for its smaller sibling, the GU-115. With very little change in choice of materials, the GU-123?s larger acoustic chamber provides the same bright top end, but with more body given to the middle of the keyboard and bass notes. Perfect for the advancing musician this instrument?s balance and playability promises to inspire any student of the piano to practice and experiment. A. Geyer?s commitment to quality is no better reflected than in this model. Learn More
  3. b1 Upright Piano

    RRP: £2,950.00

    Our Price: £2,892.00

    The Yamaha b1 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to start their piano journey. All the benefits of an acoustic piano, in a compact cabinetry. Learn More
  4. b2 Upright Piano

    RRP: £4,060.00

    Our Price: £3,967.00

    The b2 is an excellent beginners piano, with a forgiving action and keyboard, as well as a large range of finishes available. Learn More
  5. B2E SG2 Silent Upright Piano

    RRP: £5,610.00

    Our Price: £5,452.00

    The b2 is an excellent beginners piano, with a forgiving action and keyboard, as well as a large range of finishes available. This model also comes with the Yamaha SG Silent system fitted. Learn More
  6. B3E SG2 Silent Upright Piano

    RRP: £6,320.00

    Our Price: £6,135.00

    The Yamaha b3 is an excellent beginners instrument, with its forgiving keyboard and classic cabinetry. This instrument also comes fitted with the Yamaha SG Silent system. Learn More
  7. Calisia Upright Piano

    Out of stock

    This second hand Calisia upright in a mahogany wood mat finish with no legs and 3 brass pedals, with these features this would be the perfect piano for a beginner. This Calisia piano has no legs, and also had 88 keys. This piano is in good condition both inside and out, and also has no casters. This piano also has the eye-catching price of £1,250.00 Learn More
  8. Conservatoire Upright Piano

    RRP: £6,849.00

    Our Price: £5,821.00

    The 124cm Conservatoire model has a sensational sonority and wonderful response

    Longer keys and a precision manufactured action assure the Conservatoire’s increased sensitivity and responsiveness of touch and visually, the subtle use of brass inlays, enhances the overall experience. A practice pedal comes as standard, as do solid double brass castors.

    Learn More
  9. Danemann Upright Piano

    This piano is most suitable for a beginner. If you are unsure if the piano is for you then this type of starter piano would be a perfect choice. Acoustic pianos will give you the edge over keyboards and will be able to kick start your piano journey. Why not ask us about our 6-month hire with option to purchase scheme. You could own this piano from as little as £340 for the first 6 months. Learn More
  10. Fazer Upright Piano

    Here we have a perfect example of used Fazer piano, this piano has the luxury of a practise pedal, making it perfect for earlier or late night playing. The satin walnut finish makes a great addition to any home. Perfect choice for any beginner looking for a modern instrument. Learn More

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An upright piano offers the perfect combination of affordability and quality. Often the chosen piano for schools, teachers and anyone looking to place an instrument within the home environment. Our wide-ranging stock of New Yamaha upright pianos, as well as Wilh. Steinbergs, Kembles, Kingsburgs and Lippman. We also have one of the biggest stocks of second hand upright pianos, including Yamahas, Steinways, Bechsteins, Kawais, and many, many more. With an instrument to fit any budget, Broughton Pianos are the perfect choice for anyone looking to buy an upright piano. Our staff are friendly and thanks to so many years collective experience in the piano industry, are best placed to make sure you choose the best upright piano for your needs and budget. Choosing the correct upright piano not only means you can acquire an excellent instrument, but also an aesthetically pleasing piece that can feature either as the centrepiece to a room, or fit subtly in with the rest of the décor.

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