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Kawai Pianos

Broughton Pianos are an official dealer of Kawai digital pianos. We have achieved Selection Centre status thanks to our commitment to displaying a comprehensive selection of Kawai digital pianos set up and ready for you to play. We have most models in stock at all times, however if we happen to have sold out of your desired model then we can deliver your desired instrument to you within 10-14 days, fresh from the Kawai piano facility. We also stock second hand acoustic Kawai pianos; many of which we have on display in our showrooms offering you the rare opportunity to play digital pianos, upright pianos and grand pianos side by side for direct comparison, all of which being from the same producer.

If you are looking to sell a Kawai piano then please give us a call for a quote on what we can give you for the instrument. Alternatively if you have a Kawai piano in need of tuning or restorative work (internal or external) then please feel free to enquire on 01562 731113.

Quality Used Uprights and Grands

Quality Used Uprights & GrandsHere we have a brief selection of our quality used upright and grand pianos, being piano wholesalers we have ever changing stock lists so call us now if you are looking for a particular model.

Digital Pianos

Digital PianosA digital piano that will transform enthusiastic players into accomplished pianists, and modest homes into grand concert halls. This is the ambitious philosophy behind Kawai digital pianos – a premium instrument that captures the essence of playing a magnificent concert grand piano, and inspires musicians to realise their true artistic potential.