Steinberg IQ 16 Upright Piano

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Steinberg IQ 16 Upright Piano

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The IQ16 is the smallest of the high end pianos produced by Wilh. Steinberg. Designed and built entirely in Steinberg's state-of-the-art Eisenberg factory, the IQ16 is constructed from the finest, hand-selected materials to ensure that the optimum sound and build quality are attained. Made for maestros, the IQ series is situated at the top of the upright piano market. The IQ16's smaller frame and classic cabinetry mean it can fit effortlessly into almost any space. Wilh. Steinberg has engineered this piano to give strong volume and clarity in conjunction with a depth of sound throughout the entirety of the IQ16's range. The Renner action and hammers are of the highest quality, ensuring that every detail of a pianist's personal style is interpreted directly. The high quality Kluge keyboards allow for more expressive volume control and play. German made treble and mid-range strings, in tandem with the handmade bass, lead to a depth of sound and tonal colouration that spans the entire musical range.

Additional Information

Model IQ 16 Upright Piano
Height 116cm (3'10")
Width No
Length 59cm (1'11")
Weight No
Number of Keys No
Number of Pedals No
Casters No