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  1. Kawai K15 ATX 2 Upright Piano

    RRP: £4,888.00

    Our Price: £4,399.00

    Out of stock

    Our compact and stylish Kawai K15E upright piano boasts an impressive 10-year manufacturers guarantee and is available to buy in black, white and mahogany finishes. Learn More
  2. Kawai K15E Upright Piano

    RRP: £3,333.00

    Our Price: £2,999.00

    Our compact and stylish Kawai K15E upright piano boasts an impressive 10-year manufactures guarantee and is available to buy in black, white and mahogany finishes. Learn More
  3. Kawai K200 Upright Piano

    RRP: £4,666.00

    Our Price: £4,199.00

    Continuing in the legacy of Kawai K2, the Kawai K200 upright acoustic piano upholds the same dependable standards witnessed in all Kawai pianos by combining modern advancements with traditional Japanese building techniques. Learn More
  4. Kawai K300 ATX 2Upright Piano

    RRP: £6,888.00

    Our Price: £6,199.00

    The K300 ATX2 harnesses Millennium III action to produce breath-taking acoustic and harmonic sounds, whilst affording households an acoustic muting feature that is ideal for novice players practicing within the family home. Learn More
  5. Kawai K300 Upright Piano

    RRP: £5,333.00

    Our Price: £4,799.00

    The Kawai K300 expands on the success of its award winning predecessor the K3 by offering players exclusive Millennium III Upright Actions with ABS-Carbon Composites as well as double felted mahogany core hammers. Combined together, these elements help to improve the fluidity and the power of your strokes, as not only are they designed to prevent temperature and moisture warping; but thanks to being 90% stronger than traditional wooden parts, only the lightest of touches is required in order to produce explosive sound. Learn More
  6. Kingsburg KU109 Polished Walnut

    This model is an ex-showroom demo model hence the very competitive price. The Kingsburg KU-109 is both compact and forgiving, making it the perfect instrument for anyone looking to learn the piano on a budget. Learn More
  7. Kingsburg KU115 Upright Piano

    The KU115, is an excellent entry level piano, catering for anyone looking to begin their piano journey. Learn More
  8. Lippmann Upright Piano

    Out of stock

    This second hand Lippmann piano has the eye catching price of £2,3250.00. This second hand lippmann piano is in very good condition both inside and outside of the piano. This piano has a black shiny polyester finish. This piano is in very condition both inside and out. This piano has 88 keys, a 2 straight legs, a square lid, and is suitable for a beginner. Learn More
  9. Spencer Upright Piano

    Here we have a second hand Spencer upright piano, small in size but big in sound. This popular English built piano has a rare light oak case difficult to find in most piano shops. This is a excellent choice as an alternative to a digital piano. This would enable pianists to progress to higher standards without having to pay a premium price. Why not ask our staff about our amazing 6 month hire scheme, you could walk away with this piano from as little as £260.00. Learn More
  10. W. Hoffman Professional 114 Upright Piano

    The W.Hoffmann Professional 114 is a lovely looking piano with a great price from Broughton Pianos Ltd. Call now for best deals on used Yamaha Pianos 01562 731113 Learn More

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An upright piano offers the perfect combination of affordability and quality. Often the chosen piano for schools, teachers and anyone looking to place an instrument within the home environment. Our wide-ranging stock of New Yamaha upright pianos, as well as Wilh. Steinbergs, Kembles, Kingsburgs and Lippman. We also have one of the biggest stocks of second hand upright pianos, including Yamahas, Steinways, Bechsteins, Kawais, and many, many more. With an instrument to fit any budget, Broughton Pianos are the perfect choice for anyone looking to buy an upright piano. Our staff are friendly and thanks to so many years collective experience in the piano industry, are best placed to make sure you choose the best upright piano for your needs and budget. Choosing the correct upright piano not only means you can acquire an excellent instrument, but also an aesthetically pleasing piece that can feature either as the centrepiece to a room, or fit subtly in with the rest of the décor.

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