Wilh Steinberg P 212 Grand Piano

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Wilh Steinberg P 212 Grand Piano

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The P212 is the largest of the grand pianos on offer as part of Wilh. Steinberg's P series. At 7ft long it is comfortably large enough to fulfil the needs of a concert venue. The German blueprint of this piano has resulted in the components being configured to the highest standard. The German made bass strings compliment the high quality mid-range and treble with no sacrifices being made to depth, clarity or tonal colouration. The Flemming action, high spec hammers and carefully selected keyboard all compliment each other to make sure every nuance of your play, no matter how subtle, is replicated. Wilh. Steinberg has finally filled the gap in the market for a reasonably priced, large piano. Perfect for concert venues.

Additional Information

Model P 212
Height 101cm (3'4")
Width 149cm (4'11")
Length 212cm (7')
Weight 405kg (893lbs)
Number of Keys 88
Number of Pedals 3