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We offer the largest supply of upright pianos in the Midlands, the perfect combination of affordability and quality.

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Kawai K600 AS

Kawai K600 AS


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Kawai K800 AS


Why choose a Upright Piano?


Yamaha Upright Pianos An upright piano offers the perfect combination of affordability and quality. Often the chosen piano for schools, teachers and anyone looking to place an instrument within the home environment. Our wide-ranging stock of New Yamaha pianos, as well as Wilh. Steinbergs, Kembles, Kingsburgs and Lippman. We also have one of the biggest stocks of second hand upright pianos, including Yamaha, Steinway, Bechstein, Kawai, and many, many more. With an instrument to fit any budget, Broughton Pianos are the perfect choice for anyone looking to buy all types of pianos. Our staff are friendly and thanks to so many years of collective experience in the piano industry, are best placed to make sure you choose the best piano whether that be upright pianos, acoustic pianos, acoustic upright pianos for your needs and budget. Choosing the correct piano not only means you can acquire an excellent instrument, but also an aesthetically pleasing piece that can feature either as the centrepiece to a room, or fit subtly in with the rest of the décor. We also stock grand pianos. Come visit our registered office: Weybridge Mill, Drayton Rd, Belbroughton, Stourbridge DY9 0DX, United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does An Upright Piano Cost?

On average you are looking at anywhere from £1000 to £5000. It all depends on the brands you look at, the type of piano, where you get it from and the shipping process, all these details factor into the cost. Kawai pianos will differ from Yamaha and the process, range, and quality will differ. Either way, upright pianos are not cheap. Their rich tones and full sound means they are complicated to manufacture and make, and they are tricky to transport. This all adds to the cost. At Broughton Pianos, we can help find the right upright piano for you.

What Are The 3 Types Of Upright Pianos?

You have grand pianos, upright pianos, and digital pianos. All have different qualities and each has its own sound and price range. So have a look at what you want from your piano and see which is the better fit for you. Do you want to use headphones? Or do you want a smaller piano? Then, maybe a digital one is the right choice for you. Have a think, and see which fits your needs the best. Here is a breakdown of the three types:

Grand Piano

This is the classic style of piano. The largest style and the best sounding. The strings are strung horizontally so the piano has a large surface area, but a deep rich sound as a result.

Upright piano

An upright piano has the strings strung vertically, meaning the overall instrument is far smaller than a classical grand piano yet it retains much of the rich acoustic tone. If you want close to the sound of a grand piano without the need for a large space, then upright pianos are the best option.

Digital Piano

If you want a cheaper and smaller alternative, then digital pianos are the choice for you. They do not have the same level of sound as the other two options, yet they make up for it in their simplicity, price, and size factors.

Which Piano Brand Is Best For Upright?

This entirely depends on what you want. Brands like Kawai pianos and Yamaha are great affordable options that don't compromise the sound or quality. Each play differently, so depending on what you would benefit from depends on what brand is best for you. Visit your local music store or speak to an expert at Broughton Pianos before you make your choice. See how the keys feel, and how they sound in a room, then make your choice.

What Should I Look For In An Upright Piano?

The main things are the sound, size, and quality of the build. Where are you putting your grand piano? What would fit there, what acoustics does that space have? All these factors change how you choose the piano you want. So, have a think of what you need, and then ask what piano offers me that. With tons of categories to choose from, you can find the perfect piano for your needs.